Download VR Tourviewer for Quest (1 and 2)

VR Tourviewer for Quest is a made to experience mono- and stereoscopic 360 degrees panorama tours created with Pano2VR.

Installation instructions can be found here: Install VR Tourviewer on Oculus Quest

VR Tourviewer is now also available on SideQuest:


2020-12-21: Update for Quest, 1.3 build 415 – ChangelogDownload
2020-01-20: Update for Quest, 1.2 build 304 – ChangelogDownload
2019-08-21: Bugfix release for Quest, 1.1 build 248 – ChangelogDownload
2019-06-21: Bugfix release for Quest, 1.1 build 244 – ChangelogDownload
2019-06-20: First release for Quest, 1.1 build 243 – ChangelogDownload

Note that you can purchase a white label version with customized splash screen, logo, launcher icon, hotspot colors, and even a custom panorama as the background of the menu area, tailored for your business, project or product. Click here for more information.

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