Download VR Tourviewer for Samsung Gear VR

VR Tourviewer is an Android app, to watch complete (mono- and stereoscopic) 360 degrees panorama tours, with the Samsung GearVR.
Currently tours created with Pano2VR are supported, basic krpano support has been added and will be extended further.

To install, copy or download the downloaded APK file to your phone and start it. The easiest way is to download it directly from this page to your phone.
When downloading directly with your phone, you may have to open the downloaded .apk file with a File Manager like the default ‘My Files’. Opening directly from your browser might not work.
To be able to install you have to allow installation of apps from ‘Unknown sources’ in security settings, since this is not a Google Play Store app. To start the app, click the ‘VR Tourviewer’ icon.

Due to Oculus restrictions for the use of Oculus Utilities for Unity, an Oculus signature for your device has to be included in the app.
If a signature for your device isn’t included in the app yet, the app will inform you about it and will allow you to request a version with your signature.

If your signature is included, insert your phone into the Gear VR and the app should start, after a splashscreen, in the menu area.

App usage:

  • Start the app from the Android desktop, then insert the phone in the GearVR. This app is not visible in the Oculus Home environment.
  • The app uses gazing/staring for 2 seconds at a hotspot, clicking on the Gear touchpad is used in the menu area.
  • A short press on the ‘back’ or ‘home’ button on the Gear (above touchpad) switches between menu and the loaded tour.
  • To add an online tour, use the + in the menu area, it will show a VR keyboard to enter the address to a Pano2VR tour

Create your own tours with Pano2VR:
Use Pano2VR to generate a tour, you can add a second HTML output if you want to keep one project file and use it for both web output and VR output.

  • If you have a stereoscopic tour, in Pano2VR add a Tag called ‘stereo’ in User Data in at least one panorama (best practice to use the 1st panorama for this). VR Tourviewer needs this tag to display the tour in stereo
  • Use output to HTML5, with the cardboard.ggsk (or stare.ggsk) skin
  • in ‘HTML’ settings click the Tools icon and check ‘Nodes are stereo pairs’ if your tour is stereoscopic, always uncheck ‘Embedded XML’
  • Use Single resolution output (for fastest loading times): In HTML Output ‘Image’ use ‘Single Res’, for optimal results use a Cube Face Size of 1536px
  • For Multi resolution output: In HTML Output ‘Image’ use ‘Multi Res’, for optimal results use a tilesize of 510, and make sure there is a level with width of 1536px
  • The generated XML file will be used by the app to find the images to load and to show the tour

The following features aren’t implemented (yet): polygon hotspots, skins, auto rotation (would cause instant nausea), auto change, transitions (nausea alarm too), context menu, control, preview. Please keep these limitations these in mind when creating/generating the output for VR Tourviewer.

Add tours on your device for offline viewing:

  • For offline viewing: the app creates a ‘VRTourviewer’ (case sensitive) folder. Copy your complete tours (including subfolders) to that folder, you can use subfolders to easily organize them.
    When connected throught USB, the folder to copy the tours to is the following:
    For Galaxy S6 (Android : root of ‘Phone’, in the folder VRTourviewer
    For Galaxy S7/S8: on ‘Phone’: Android/data/com.vrtourviewer.vrtourviewer/files/VRTourviewer

    Storage on external SD Card is not supported yet, due to Marshmallow/Samsung limitations. Storing on the phone’s internal storage does have the benefit of being faster than the external SD card.

Planned features:

  • Setting initial view of panorama (<view> pannorth and/or <view><start> pan)
  • Support for additional lensflare types, now only one type (a default Asset in Unity) is used

Note that you can purchase a white label version with customized splashscreen, logo, launcher icon, hotspot colors, and even a custom panorama as the background of the menu area, tailored for your business, project or product. For more information, please send an email to

2017-05-17: Updated to 0.4 build 95 – fixed connection issues with VR Tourviewer Remote for Windows
2017-10-16: Updated to 0.5 build 118 – added basic support for krpano VR tours (krpano 1.19 with VR-OPT applet)
2017-10-16: Updated to 0.5 build 124 – added support for 360 video (Pano2VR)


Download: VRTourviewer-for-Android.apk