Frequently Asked Questions

VR Tourviewer for Oculus Go

VR Tourviewer for Oculus Go is currently distributed with an Oculus Pre-Release Channel. This means it can't be found in Oculus Home by default yet. Click here to see how you can add it to Oculus Home.

Customization / Branding

Yes! You can order a white label version of the app for offline use.

Customization includes:
  • choose your own app name
  • custom Android Launcher icon (desktop icon)
  • custom splashscreen logo
  • custom panorama in the menu area
  • custom hotspot colors
  • add a soundtrack to play during the entire tour
  • automatically start a tour instead of showing the menu area first
To order, or for more information: Contact us

Need more customization or a license for more devices? Contact us for a sharply priced offer!

Special features

For krpano: open the tour XML file and add an effect attribute with the desired effect to the scene item.

For Pano2VR: in Pano2VR add a User Data 'Tag' with the desired effect: effect=snow / effect=rain / effect=leaves

Pano2VR effect example

Help / Support

Yes! Let your audience see what the Gear VR user is seeing!

We have developed a separate Remote VR Tourviewer which uses cutting edge techniques to synchronize with the VR Tourviewer on the Gear VR. It creates a high quality, fullscreen display with real-time low-latency synchronization.

TRY IT FOR FREE! Download Remote VR Tourviewer for Windows and use it with the VR Tourviewer on your Gear VR.
This message means that the needed Oculus Signature for your device isn''t included in the app yet. This is a restriction by Oculus for the use of the Oculus VR Utilities in Unity. How to solve this:
  • Uninstall the VR Tourviewer app
  • Download and install this version to request a version with a signature for your device included
  • An updated version will be emailed to you
Make sure you add a User Data Tag called ''stereo'' in Pano2VR in at least one panorama.
Best practice is to add this tag to the first panorama.

For offline viewing: the app creates a ‘VRTourviewer’ (case sensitive) folder on the device.
Copy your complete tours (including subfolders) to that folder, you can use subfolders to easily organize them.

When connected throught USB, the folder to copy the tours to is the following:
For Galaxy S6/S6 Edge: root of ''Phone'', in the folder VRTourviewer
For Galaxy S7/S7 Edge: on ''Phone'': Android/data/com.vrtourviewer.vrtourviewer/files/VRTourviewer

Currently VR Tourviewer shows up to 9 offline tours. Preview loading can take some time, this will be optimized later.
You can check the Knowledge Base here: Knowledge Base