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With this options, I have no video or photo where I can make a double click.
Thank you to try it on a oculus rift.
I will be very happy if it works.
For the moment I have not buy vrtourviewer. Is there a difference ? I buy it as soon as I can put my différents vidéos on the tour :-)
Thank you for your help.
So "-1" in the loop doesn t work until the next version.
When I put the loop at "0" and the click mode at "start/pause", the video begin automatically. Its very difficult because I would like to insert 3 or 4 videos in the tour. If they begin in the same time, its not possible to understand one.
In addition, I think we can start/pause only after the second reading of the vidéos.

Do you have a solution to insert 4 vidéos in the same tour?
Thank you
Support / General Discussion / Video in a tour
August 30, 2019, 15:12:19
sorry for my bad english.
I have Pano2vr and I try to build a tour for my oculus rift so I use Vrtourviewer 1.1.244
I have a problem when I insert a video inside my tour.
I would like to put the "loop" of the video at "-1" so in the tour, the video begin only when I click on.
When I try to see my video on Tourviewer, I don't see the video, I don't see the hotpost.
If the "loop" is at "0", the video begin well instantatly at the beginning of the tour.

Can you help me to have my video only when I click on it ?
Thank you