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Support / General Discussion / Custom hotpsot image?
Last post by pbetancourt - February 21, 2023, 16:10:51
Hello, is there a way to have a custom icon image for hotspots rather than the ones that comes by default with Tourviewer? I see that this is listed as a feature, but cannot find documentation on how to do it.
Many thanks!

Support / General Discussion / Polygonal filled hotspots
Last post by oq.agency - February 19, 2023, 23:53:32
Greetings! I'm new to VR Tourviewer and I'm currently using the demo version. I watched a demo tour with the program's features. I want to make a polygon hotspot filled with blue or red when I hover my gaze, as well as the polygon edging, the same as in the demo tour. But I didn't find any instructions on the site in the FAQ section. Please tell me where I can read about it?
P.S.: I use Pico Neo 3 PRO device.
Support / General Discussion / Re: Most wanted features
Last post by fnachtwey - January 27, 2023, 19:49:48
I use Pano2VR and with Tourviewer the tours can be used very nicely! Many thanks for that! What I miss, however, is a zoom option. So that you can zoom in or out of the panorama. I use a Pico 4 and if it needs beta testers, I'm happy to help.
Support / General Discussion / Re: version 7 pano2vr
Last post by fnachtwey - January 27, 2023, 18:22:52
Is there already a release date or a forecast when Pano2VR skins will be supported?

Since this week I own a VR glass and this feature would be great!

Kind regards
Happy New Year!

Great to hear it's working properly!
There's no release date known yet.
Support / General Discussion / Re: Cardboard: the right and l...
Last post by hunkircsi - January 02, 2023, 12:16:10
Thank you! I tried this OBO VR App, you recommended and it worked properly. So I can't wait for the upcoming public update of VR Tourviewer. Do you know any specific release date for this update?

Happy New Year!
I can recommend using a Pico Neo 3 Pro or Neo 4, these headsets work well with VR Tourviewer for Pico: https://www.vrtourviewer.com/docs/install-vr-tourviewer-on-pico/

The Pico Neo 3 Pro also supports a full kiosk mode, where the app will be started automatically on startup and the Pico Home environment is disabled: https://www.vrtourviewer.com/docs/kiosk-mode/
Support / General Discussion / Determining compatible "cardbo...
Last post by Nf1950 - December 29, 2022, 20:28:26
I have purchased an off-brand headset named VR Empire. It came with a controller, but when I go to the setup page, VRTourviewer says that it is not compatible with the paired device.

How would one know which headset to get?

Since I am averse to dealing with Meta in any circumstance and VRTourviewer is the only player to read Pano2VR packages, especially handling polygon hotspots in VR, I want to find a model that I can control with a handheld device.

Any suggestions would be appreciated greatly?
A Beta version is not available yet, but to know if the upcoming update will work with your Cardboard, you could try the OBO VR app for Android or iOS. It's also available on Oculus/Meta App Lab

This app was created for the United States Department of State and is a customized version of VR Tourviewer. It uses
the most recent Unity XR and Google Cardboard SDK that is also used for the upcoming public update of VR Tourviewer.
Support / General Discussion / Re: Cardboard: the right and l...
Last post by hunkircsi - December 12, 2022, 10:20:35
Hi Ruud!
Thanks for your reply! I would really happy to part of the Beta testers, so I'm gonna send you that email. But until the new version will be released, it would be awesome to find some solution for my problem. Your application is the only one that supports Pano2VR, and I'am really gona need it for one of my project. Maybe I could try some older verion of the VR Tourviewer. Is there any available on the internet, or I need to ask you for them?