Caching to eliminate the loading time?

Started by thomasvandenabeele, July 11, 2019, 10:54:38

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Hi Ruud and others,

First of all: great app, we enjoy using it. I have a question though: is there a way to eliminate the loading time for each transition? It seems like it should be perfectly possible to keep a lot of images in memory, given that the files are typically not that big. It would make the experience more immersive.


Ruud van Reenen

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the kind words, glad you like the app!

The issue with transitions isn't that the memory would not be able to hold the images, but during loading of the images the screen freezes for a short while, this ruins the VR immersion experience. That's why a black screen was chosen so the freezing isn't so obvious. Tests showed that the black screen was the least annoying workaround...

The freezing happens due to images having to be uncompressed and pushed to the GPU, which doesn't seem to happen fully asynchronous in Unity3D (the software used to create VR Tourviewer).

As soon as I have found a solution for this, I will definitely add fades and/or zoom transitions, since they work very in Pano2VR indeed!


Hi Ruud,

for me, a black transition seems the best solution.
However, in Pano2VR the black transition has a "fade to black", it makes the transition more smooth and like a blink of an eye and less hard cut.
Is it possible to let it 1 second fade to black and back?

And also the loading circles are not that immersive and necessary for the short transition time.
It looks more natural without them, like in Pano2VR. Is it possible to disable / hide them?

For an impression, immerGallery is doing both as well and it feels and looks very discreet.

Kind regards,

By the way:  When i signed up or posted this, there was written: "Which year is mentioned at the bottom of this page?" On the left bottom is written 2023, but wrong answer. Still 2022? Or am I missing something?...