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Started by pbetancourt, February 25, 2022, 16:36:11

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Hi!, I wanted to know if there is a way to have all the pano thumbnails of a tour as a floating menu in every panorama, so the viewer can know how many panos are left. I believe that this feature is not supported yet, but just in case there is a workaround.
I've tried the "menu" option from vrtourviewer settings, but it only shows a list of the hotspots that are in the current panorama, and not all the panos on the tour.
Any help appreciated, thks!


Ruud van Reenen


In Pano2VR you could create one panorama that shows a menu created with hotspots (with a custom hotspot image) for all your panoramas.

If you then add a hotspot to that 'menu panorama' in the Master Node, for example close to the nadir, then it will show that hotspot in all your panoramas.


This question is related to the one I've posted earlier in the forum.
What do you mean by "Custom hotspot image", a regular hotspot which its icon can be customized (how?) or a hotspot that shows an image (the one with the photocamera as icon in Pano2vr)?

I have three different tours with 5 scenes each, and also a version in spanish and english, so I have 6 tours showing in Tourviewer Oculus Gallery. I would love to have only one, or two.

Ruud van Reenen

There's a setting 'Custom Image' in the Properties panel of a hotspot in the Pano2VR Editor. There you can specify an image that should be used for the hotspot.