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Title: Android Tablet for VR Tourviewer Remote
Post by: visiongraphics on March 02, 2020, 16:57:09

we are currently using Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 for the remote, which works perfectly.  8)
Of course it is really expensive, so we are thinking of a lower priced solution for multiple VR headsets.

our other tries:
Galaxy Tab S 10.1 2014 is laggy, almost unusable. Older Android, so wifi hotspot works on wifi-only model, too.
Galaxy Tab S3 works, but not as fine as S6. Some videos in the tour are not displayed on it. We have a Wifi only version, so wifi hotspot doesen't work on it.
Galaxy Tab S5e is almost as good, as S6. Wifi hotspot works fine with LTE version.

Does anyone have experience with other, lower priced tablets?