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Thank you Ruud!

Can you tell me which is the cost for 5 VR headset with VR Tourviewer in white label version?
I have add a timer action on a Pano2VR project skin:
When the player is inactive for more of 5 seconds the tour reset to first node of the virtual tour.

In browser this working without issue, but in Vr Tourviewer seem not to work... It's a known limitation, or I forget something?

Many thanks for your help!
Hi all,
I try to put some 360 video created with an Insta 360 ONE X2 in 5,7K on a Pano2VR virtual tour and then play them with a VR Tourviewer (licensed version) on Oculus Quest 2.
While the tour is working well, the video aren't smooth, and there are drop frames sometimes.
Quest 2 can handle 8k 60fps 360video without any troubles. So the problem still on Pano2VR set-ups? Or I have to edit or reframe the 360 video?...
Can someone tell me the best 360 video quality format and settings to play VR Tourviewer on Quest 2?
I have to realize an installation with 5 VR headset for a small museum in my town, with some virtual tour and immersive 360 video too, and the quality of these video are important...
Please help, Thanks a lot!