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Hello ....

I have asked this question on Pano2VR forum an Hopki give a workaround to make that posible , but I not know if that should work with VR Tourviewer ....


I will like to know if it posible to make in a tour for example 2 hotspot to enter a room , once in standard cardboard way and the second one in stereo.

I have stereo one done , but my interest is to have both in the same tour.

Is that posible ??

This can not be done in the current version.
In the HTML template you select use stereo pairs or not.

Any workaround to make that posible ???

Always but probably not nice.
You would make separate outputs with their own HTML page and then link the hotspots to the HTML page.
This means each node can be stereo or mono.
You would use the Go To URL action in the Hotspot template and enter the HTML page that has the project that needs to open.

Support / General Discussion / Hotspots with Ņ , not displaying
« on: February 22, 2017, 00:27:04 »

I have observed that hotspots with Ņ ( Baņo ) - bath , are not displaying on VRT.

Works ok on web so I suppose is a VRT issue.

Support / General Discussion / How to improve image quality ??
« on: February 22, 2017, 00:22:51 »

I have been testing a tour with cube faces at 1536 but I will like to improve sharp quality if it is posible.

Tour with actual settings looks little better than Orbx ones ( demos ) .

Here is a link to one that I have uploaded  on S3 Amazon for testing purposes.

This is not a Stereo Tour , but I think it illustrates what is happening

Here is a image made in stereo of the main room, to watch it just on Oculus folder create another named 360Photos.

And put the image there, then launch 360 Photos it is a free app form oculus , and go to my photos section and select it.

There is a notable difference in my opinion.

How can we improve image quality ( settings ) in our tours to watch them on VR Tourviewer ??

My device is a S7

Support / General Discussion / XML settings on Pano2VR
« on: February 12, 2017, 23:02:00 »

I will like to test a traditional tour ( 2D ) .

I can see on my project that in HTML Layer Embedded XML and create files for external embedding is not marked.

So I suppose that I must enable both and re-upload project to my server .

Thats right ??

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