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Started by Ruud van Reenen, February 03, 2017, 17:11:11

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Ruud van Reenen

After a hiatus of almost 2 months I'm finally able to work on development of this app again. Time for a progress update:

I've made some big changes to the menu system, the menu will now be the first you see when starting the app. I've attached a screenshot of how it looks. It allows you to browse previously visited tours, bookmark/browse favorite tours, browse featured online tours and browse locally stored (sdcard) tours.
I'm implementing a VR keyboard so it will be possible to add your own URLs in the app.

Tours will be displayed using an image from the start node of a tour (tile0url from the xml file), or from a file with the same url as the xml file, but with the jpg extension. I'm considering adding a way to 'lock' the app to only use specific tours, for exhibition use. The only way to exit that lock would be to provide a password using the VR keyboard.

Current status
Currently the majority of the 'Storage' part of the menu is working. I'm trying to finish the Storage item this weekend and will release an update when it's done.

Earlier mentioned feature additions have been delayed due to the necessity to fix a proper menu first, and will be added and released when the menu is completely functional.

I've also decided on the pricing for the app when it's finished. Normal price will be around € 50. Beta-testers that have provided helpful feedback will get a 50% discount.

A custom branded version can be ordered too, it will be limited to offline tours (from sdcard) and will have your business logo as Android menu icon and your logo in the app itself. This is especially interesting if you want to showcase your tours during an exhibition or deliver them to a client.

Price for a custom branded version will be € 250.
This is including a custom logo, splash screen, hotspot colors, and a custom menu area panorama. Other customizations aren't included in this price. A custom branded version includes a license for use on two devices, additional licenses are € 75 each.