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Thank you! I tried this OBO VR App, you recommended and it worked properly. So I can't wait for the upcoming public update of VR Tourviewer. Do you know any specific release date for this update?

Happy New Year!
Hi Ruud!
Thanks for your reply! I would really happy to part of the Beta testers, so I'm gonna send you that email. But until the new version will be released, it would be awesome to find some solution for my problem. Your application is the only one that supports Pano2VR, and I'am really gona need it for one of my project. Maybe I could try some older verion of the VR Tourviewer. Is there any available on the internet, or I need to ask you for them?
Hi! I've got an issue at the first place. I am using many 360 image and vr-tour viewer, but if I start any content in the VR Tourviewer, the image of the left and right eyes are way too much shifted horizontally to each other. So when I put my phone into a google cardboard vr headset, I can't see the panorama with both eyes open. Why is that?
My Phone is a Samsung Galaxy S7, with Android 8.0, VR Tourviewer version: 1.3.415 Thanks!
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