New update with added features and a VR Remote Tourviewer!

Started by Ruud van Reenen, March 15, 2017, 11:10:31

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Ruud van Reenen

Today a new update of the VR Tourviewer app is released, with some nice feature additions:

0.2 Build 78:
- support for overlay images and video, like in this example: https://ggnome.com/samples/pano2vr_5/blacksmith
- support for hotspot popup images, videos and text
- 3D scenery effects: snow, rain and leaves, to use this, add a Userdata tag in Pano2VR: effect=snow / effect=rain / effect=leaves
- use normal webaddress as url instead of path to xml file, the index.html will be scanned for the needed xml file

I've also developed a VR Remote Tourviewer for Windows, to be able to see what a GearVR user is seeing on a laptop or big screen. With normal screencasting applications, a videostream of the screen has to be transmitted. Due to the high CPU/GPU and traffic intensity of this technique, this results in lag in both the VR experience and the casted result. I strongly advise not to use such apps to avoid ruining the VR experience.

With VR Remote Tourviewer this has been solved by running an identical (non-VR) tour on the Windows computer, and only synchronizing the camera movement and user clicks. This results in a very high quality, low latency, synchronized view of the tour on a big screen.

Try the free demo to see for yourself. Check the installation instructions on the download page. The demo is limited to Featured tours only, but a full version can be purchased together with the app soon. If you need it sooner, please contact me.