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How is it coming Ruud?

Quote from: Ruud van Reenen on November 09, 2016, 12:42:46
Version 31 has been delayed a bit, I've updated the app to use the latest Oculus and Android SDK and changed the camera and hotspots according to Oculus recommendations for use with Gear VR. This has taken a bit more time than expected.

Finishing implementing of the announced features is now first on the list, so you can expect an update soon.
Sounds great.

Would love to have the last item (link out) or even just open .xml by selecting folder within SD card first from menu if that's easier.

Current main menu and advancing to next hot spot and running tours seem very stable.

I am anxious to work with version .31... any timeframe planned?
Support / General Discussion / Pano 2 VR
October 21, 2016, 01:28:51
I have now been able to use pano2vr to produce small 4 node tours (in the trial version) that support separately aparently all 4 mediums desired.

1. work in HTML5 with scalable SVG graphics that work on all of
   a. PC
   b. Tablet
   c. VR
2. work in google glasses VR mode on an android and ios phone
3. may allow flash fallback - though I haven't tested - with some lower functions
4. work with that VR Tourviewer application for gear VR

I am learning pano2vr at the same time, and I have some questions even after saying that great help can be found in the many videos and training materials published by pano2vr.

Could you summarize what some of the best practices might be for setting up the highly configurable output pathing to allow creation of tours that will at the same time do all of those mediums, or direct me to more info on that?

I know the pano2vr produces mutliple outputs at the same time with different skins each, but I am getting lost on what needs to be in what folder and how it will work when eventually web hosted, and for handling the multiple xml and index.html files files etc, including which are to be put where for the multi res for html5 image info, and the single res cube faces needed by the VR Tourviewer locations needed etc.

Any advice would be appreciated which would save me a lot of time.  After fully proven I have a lot of old tours to remaster and I want to generate them once, and of course the output format needs to be something useful to the VR Tourviewer application.

Thanks - Bob

Thanks for the screen shot you sent! It actually seems to show the phone is where you have it going on your end, and not the card, at least as viewed from windows PC?  I created a folder in that same location and it fired up and WORKED! deleted the SD card folder still working!

The Galaxy S6 has only one SD slot of course. Not sure where that name came from that my ES shows - perhaps a volume label at sd initialization? though I didn't assign it or remember it coming up.  There seems to be a lot of confusion on SD cards and android including different versions of Android - beyond my level of knowledge - googling I found similar things such as the following... not sure what all it is about, perhaps you will.  http://android.stackexchange.com/questions/39542/confused-by-the-many-locations-of-the-virtual-sdcard

As I said it is working when I make the \VRTourviewer from windows PC on the root of the phone, or at least what appears to be the phone's root according to Windows USB access, and NOT on the SD card, as it seems you intended perhaps.

On the tour itself,  I was excited to see it working nicely and the lense flairs add a nice effect.  I did notice, it does seems to ignore when jumping to a pano the starting view points I had set, and also the starting viewpoint of first pano I set - it seems to take a mid point or a certain cube face and that's it (about middle of source pano).

Could you give us a way to select subfolders under that \VRTourviewer, ideally on SD versus main phone but either is ok for now?  That would allow a simple menu construct and let us also see the path info more clearly.

Post typo only. It is in \VRTourviewer

First three letters capitalized only as specified.

In my files it shows on root of sd card on my Galaxy s6 edge phone. I do note on the es file explorer app  i also see the path has some numbers in it and it reads
storage \ 2134-287e \ VRTourviewer

.   An Android thing i believe.have had issues with good sync before adressing sd cards on various android devices. ??

It reads normal in (my files) app that came with the phone. What next?
Support / General Discussion / SD Card not working
October 16, 2016, 23:06:52
SD Card not working for me.

It shows something like "error loading xml file javalang null pointer exception attempt to invoke virtual method io java input stream byte [] on null object reference.   

Then it fell back to demo mode that works. Also so you know it is working fine no problem with oculus home not over running it, which is did on the older version but since I did 0.30 no issue.  Also note that the xml that you are hosting is loading fine and it works as well.

I tried to load a new local tour to the SD Card after generating.  I tried to follow what I know to do.

1. Folder is on route of SD Card as VRTourweaver. 
2. Therein it has these files:
index.html pano.xml pano2vr_player.js pano2vrgyro.js and skin.js.  Subfolder is images that contains cube faces, though there seems to be a black and white preview lower res file for each and file names. 

There are no "tiles folders."

It may be something with the way I generated it form pano2vr though I tried to just go back to default and start over making only the changes in your post on pano2vr site.

Version 0.30

Starting with 4 new nodes. had it working in pano2vr.

In output, added second output stare.ggsk. Html set to html file cardboard.ggt with the tools set to Image set to smooth interporlation which was default and non stereo as it wasnt and embedded xml turned off.  Image set to single res 1536px.  So I think I did everything required. Let me know if you need the package file or what.