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Thanks very much for this super speedy and very helpful reply Ruud. I am happy to confirm that your suggestion works and is a perfectly acceptable workaround for now  :)

I have a Pano2VR project that I'm exporting to an Oculus Go via VRTourViewer. On the first equirectangular image, I have placed an audio element and selected the 'keep' option (and endless looping) because it is a piece of narration that I want to run throughout the whole project, no matter which images the user is viewing.

This all works absolutely fine except that if the user leaves the first image and then returns to it, another instance of the same audio is created, so you get two voices speaking over the top of each other. Do you have any idea how I might fix this? I obviously only want to trigger that sound file to play once.

Thanks very much for your help.
Quote from: thomasvandenabeele on July 11, 2019, 10:56:18
Here's my most wanted features:

1) Caching of loaded images to make transitions from one 'location' to another seamless
2) Zoom and fade of a new image, to create the impression of really moving there. Pano2VR does this really nicely.

I just wanted to add my enthusiastic support of this feature request! I think this would be a total game changer for VR Tourviewer.
Sounds great Ruud! Thanks very much for this swift and helpful reply.

Just a couple of (hopefully) quick follow-up questions:

I don't want any of the other hotspots to be displayed in the menu. Can I hide all of them without having to manually add  '_nomenu' to each one?

If I add the '_hidden' hotspots to the master node in Pano2VR, will they not be displayed within the output for the web? (I'm currently using a single Pano2VR project with two separate outputs: 1 multi-resolution version for the web and 1 single resolution version for VR Tourviewer. Ideally, I would like to keep this set-up of one single project, rather than creating two separate ones, as I'm very likely to keep adding to the project over the coming months.)
I have successfully installed a Pano2VR project onto an Oculus Go using VR Tourviewer and am genuinely impressed with the results  :)

However, the project is rather large and I would really like to offer the ability to jump to a number of key locations (from anywhere in the project).

Is there a way to add (and name) certain predetermined nodes to the contextual menu which the user can bring up?

At the moment, the user might have to navigate 10-12 times (each with a loading screen delay) in order to access key locations within the project, with is rather frustrating.