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Started by Bbarkhurst, October 21, 2016, 01:28:51

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I have now been able to use pano2vr to produce small 4 node tours (in the trial version) that support separately aparently all 4 mediums desired.

1. work in HTML5 with scalable SVG graphics that work on all of
   a. PC
   b. Tablet
   c. VR
2. work in google glasses VR mode on an android and ios phone
3. may allow flash fallback - though I haven't tested - with some lower functions
4. work with that VR Tourviewer application for gear VR

I am learning pano2vr at the same time, and I have some questions even after saying that great help can be found in the many videos and training materials published by pano2vr.

Could you summarize what some of the best practices might be for setting up the highly configurable output pathing to allow creation of tours that will at the same time do all of those mediums, or direct me to more info on that?

I know the pano2vr produces mutliple outputs at the same time with different skins each, but I am getting lost on what needs to be in what folder and how it will work when eventually web hosted, and for handling the multiple xml and index.html files files etc, including which are to be put where for the multi res for html5 image info, and the single res cube faces needed by the VR Tourviewer locations needed etc.

Any advice would be appreciated which would save me a lot of time.  After fully proven I have a lot of old tours to remaster and I want to generate them once, and of course the output format needs to be something useful to the VR Tourviewer application.

Thanks - Bob

Ruud van Reenen

For combining the different outputs in the most efficient way it's probably best to consult the Pano2VR documentation or for specific questions use their forum, they usually respond quickly! https://ggnome.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=6

I've got a tip though:
When having to process a lot of tours, it's probably best to create a template file with all the needed output preconfigured. A big plus of Pano2VR is that the output folders can be relative to the Pano2VR project file. So you can create a template file with several output (HTML5 or otherwise) generators to subfolders A, B, C and D (relative to the folder of the project file). Then simply save the template file to a new folder with the name of the new tour, all the subfolders will then be automatically created when the outputs are generated.

I hope this can get you started.