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Started by Gwendal, August 30, 2019, 15:12:19

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sorry for my bad english.
I have Pano2vr and I try to build a tour for my oculus rift so I use Vrtourviewer 1.1.244
I have a problem when I insert a video inside my tour.
I would like to put the "loop" of the video at "-1" so in the tour, the video begin only when I click on.
When I try to see my video on Tourviewer, I don't see the video, I don't see the hotpost.
If the "loop" is at "0", the video begin well instantatly at the beginning of the tour.

Can you help me to have my video only when I click on it ?
Thank you

Ruud van Reenen

Hi Gwendal,

Thanks for your message and welcome to the forum. And no worries, your English is very good.

I assume you mean an overlay video (added with the videocamera icon in Pano2VR).
I've looked at it and found an issue with videos set to loop -1 (with Click Mode: Play/Pause).

You should be able to click on the area where the video will appear, but a video now needs two clicks to start playing. This will be fixed in the next update of VR Tourviewer (planned in September).

Also currently videos set to -1 are not displayed before they play, I'll consider showing the first frame of the video instead.

Thanks for your report!


Thank you for your help.
So "-1" in the loop doesn t work until the next version.
When I put the loop at "0" and the click mode at "start/pause", the video begin automatically. Its very difficult because I would like to insert 3 or 4 videos in the tour. If they begin in the same time, its not possible to understand one.
In addition, I think we can start/pause only after the second reading of the vidéos.

Do you have a solution to insert 4 vidéos in the same tour?
Thank you

Ruud van Reenen

A video can be used with loop -1, and Click Mode: Play/pause.
But to start the video you will have to click two times on it now (tested with Oculus Go now, will test with Rift tomorrow).
That will be fixed in the next update.


With this options, I have no video or photo where I can make a double click.
Thank you to try it on a oculus rift.
I will be very happy if it works.
For the moment I have not buy vrtourviewer. Is there a difference ? I buy it as soon as I can put my différents vidéos on the tour :-)

Ruud van Reenen

Correct, with these options the video is not displayed yet, but you can click (twice) on the area where it should appear to make it start playing.

The licensed version of VR Tourviewer behaves the same, it's the same software with only a few changes.

A licensed version has:
- no watermarks
- gaze mode, to work without a controller, by 'staring' at a hotspot or button to activate it
- choose which tour gallery (Featured, Favorites, Online or Storage) will be shown on startup
- choose if you want to hide the Settings button
- choose if you want to show Favorites only