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This question is related to the one I've posted earlier in the forum.
What do you mean by "Custom hotspot image", a regular hotspot which its icon can be customized (how?) or a hotspot that shows an image (the one with the photocamera as icon in Pano2vr)?

I have three different tours with 5 scenes each, and also a version in spanish and english, so I have 6 tours showing in Tourviewer Oculus Gallery. I would love to have only one, or two.
Support / General Discussion / Custom hotpsot image?
February 21, 2023, 16:10:51
Hello, is there a way to have a custom icon image for hotspots rather than the ones that comes by default with Tourviewer? I see that this is listed as a feature, but cannot find documentation on how to do it.
Many thanks!

Panotour Pro (ex - kolor) support! I know it's a dead software but it's still the best and easiest solution for building panotours. Lot's of users out there.  :)
Hi!, I wanted to know if there is a way to have all the pano thumbnails of a tour as a floating menu in every panorama, so the viewer can know how many panos are left. I believe that this feature is not supported yet, but just in case there is a workaround.
I've tried the "menu" option from vrtourviewer settings, but it only shows a list of the hotspots that are in the current panorama, and not all the panos on the tour.
Any help appreciated, thks!