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Instead of "ht_hidden" I left it empty, now it works. I tried this before, but the skin was faulty then. Now that the skin is good, this is how to make this work.

In the small project I did this and didn't remember, that's why I didn't find this sooner.
I made some progress. Now the hotspots are hidden on web version, BUT:
In the main project the hotspots are hidden as well. But when I make a smaller tour from it for testing purposes, they are visible. All I did was delete 90% of nodes to export faster, and it now works.. And I have no idea how to make it work on the original, bigger project..

Quote from: Ruud van Reenen on May 22, 2023, 10:24:36In VR Tourviewer, if you use _hidden as part of the ID or Skin-ID, the hotspot will be hidden.
So if you'd like to hide a hotspot on web and not in VR Tourviewer, use a different name for the Skin-ID, like ht_hide or ht_invisible. Then you can use that skin-ID to create an invisible hotspot in the skin that will be used on web.
Yes I'm using this method, but there was something in the skin that made it not work. After deleting unused controller icons it now hides hotspots in web version. But the newer versions of Pano2VR seem to cause some problems. For me at least. If I find the problem I'll write.
I have a Pano2VR tour that should be accessible trough web, and as an online tour on Oculus Go as well.
I have some hotspots I need to be able to use in VR, but want them to be hidden in web version.
I tried to set Skin-ID of hotspots to "", and to "ht_hidden", but they still show up on web version. In a previous tour I made a while back, this solution worked, but now it doesn't work.

I tried to create an invisible hotspot in skin, but that made the hotspots disappear in VR version as well.

Does anyone have a solution?
Thanks in advance!
Support / General Discussion / Oculus Go support
October 27, 2022, 10:35:30
Will any updates be available for Oculus Go going forward? If so, where and when will it be available to download and side-load?
Thanks in advance!
I created a tour with poly hotspots, which is used with the gaze mode on the Oculus Go.
With a previous version, 1.2.304 it worked like a charm, but on 2 Oculus Go devices I updated VR Tourviewer to the newest version, 1.3.415, where if I look at a poly hotspot the timer doesn't even start, the node change doesn't happen. It still works if with gaze mode I use the trigger on the controller, but using the controller is not a good solution.

Is it something that can be found in the settings, or fix on my end? If not, can you please fix this issue, and update the Oculus Go app?

Thanks in advance!
We are mostly using VR Tourviewer in a kiosk capacity with multiple tours. Is it possible to implement changing/starting tours via VR Tourviewer Remote? It would be really amazing!
Thanks for the quick response and fix!
Support / General Discussion / Re: Video popup
November 14, 2019, 11:20:43
Yes, sorry, I didn't mention it was in the beta.
Support / General Discussion / Video popup
November 13, 2019, 18:29:33
I'm adding videos to my tour, and when I set the click mode to 'Pop out normal', nothing happens (I mean the video tilts a little, but stays the same size), and when I set it to 'Pop out 100%', the video is too big and can't fit the screen. In the browser Pop out normal opens a window like with pop out 100%, but it's smaller. The main problem is that on 100% it's just too big in the VR goggles.

Is there a way to make the video on click bigger but not too big? Or is this something VR Tourviewer currently lacks?
I want to put an image on a screen that is in a weird angle, so I rotate the image in all directions so it fits in there. But in VR Tourviewer the image is not how I set it. I've sent a tour on WeTransfer so you can check it. I use the beta version on Oculus Go, but I think I've seen this problem before, it just wasn't as important as it is now.

Thanks in advance!
I tried using videos/images with alpha channel, and Pano2VR supports it. Is there a chance support for this will be added, maybe in the beta, for VR Tourviewer?

I forgot something I'd really like to see: there are some characters that won't show in names or in the info box, like ű, ő, and in my language (hungarian) these are used regularly. Is this something you can add, or is it something Pano2VR has to add?
Quote from: szilard on October 15, 2019, 13:59:27
Another question I have, I also have another video, which refuses to play ever since I made the tour stereo. Before that it worked perfectly, but now I have 2 videos in a stereo tour and only the first plays. Deleting the node and reimporting did not solve this.

This was fixed by having a dummy node next to the video node. Like with mono panoramas. My bad for not thinking about this.

I work in Pano2VR, my tour is stereo, have mono and stereo panoramas and stereo videos (file name containing '_tb' for videos). Everything works perfectly, except 3 things.

I've created a patch on a stereo 360 video node, and put a video there with alpha channel. My problem is that only in VR Tourviewer the video I've created from the patch is placed slightly off, like around -2 tilt maybe? This only happened in video. When I did the same on a mono and a stereo picture, I just copied the video element on the second picture, and it works perfectly.

BTW I had to make a mono video out of the patch, but it shows perfectly in the browser after generating output on both eyes. If patching needs to be done differently on Stereo videos, I'd like some pointers please.

Anyway another problem I have is hotspots to pictures, info hotspots, popup video and image only show in left eye when I'm on a video. Hotspots to another stereo video show just fine, patches as well. Will this be fixed when single node stereo support arrives?

Another question I have, I also have another video, which refuses to play ever since I made the tour stereo. Before that it worked perfectly, but now I have 2 videos in a stereo tour and only the first plays. Deleting the node and reimporting did not solve this.

Also in pictures right eye doesn't show when I'm hovering above info hotspots or hotspots towards video node for example.

Love your program, I'm using it on Oculus Go. I only really miss one function, the floor plan, and node navigation on it. It would be really awesome.

Also I don't know if this is intentional or not: info hotspots only show one line of the description. Right now I use patch and hover image to show information, which looks awesome, so maybe I'll stick to that, but I also have problems with using patch in stereo, but that's Pano2VR stuff I need to get used to. Anyway it would be great if the info hotspot would show more of the description!