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I work in Pano2VR, my tour is stereo, have mono and stereo panoramas and stereo videos (file name containing '_tb' for videos). Everything works perfectly, except 3 things.

I've created a patch on a stereo 360 video node, and put a video there with alpha channel. My problem is that only in VR Tourviewer the video I've created from the patch is placed slightly off, like around -2 tilt maybe? This only happened in video. When I did the same on a mono and a stereo picture, I just copied the video element on the second picture, and it works perfectly.

BTW I had to make a mono video out of the patch, but it shows perfectly in the browser after generating output on both eyes. If patching needs to be done differently on Stereo videos, I'd like some pointers please.

Anyway another problem I have is hotspots to pictures, info hotspots, popup video and image only show in left eye when I'm on a video. Hotspots to another stereo video show just fine, patches as well. Will this be fixed when single node stereo support arrives?

Another question I have, I also have another video, which refuses to play ever since I made the tour stereo. Before that it worked perfectly, but now I have 2 videos in a stereo tour and only the first plays. Deleting the node and reimporting did not solve this.

Also in pictures right eye doesn't show when I'm hovering above info hotspots or hotspots towards video node for example.

Love your program, I'm using it on Oculus Go. I only really miss one function, the floor plan, and node navigation on it. It would be really awesome.

Also I don't know if this is intentional or not: info hotspots only show one line of the description. Right now I use patch and hover image to show information, which looks awesome, so maybe I'll stick to that, but I also have problems with using patch in stereo, but that's Pano2VR stuff I need to get used to. Anyway it would be great if the info hotspot would show more of the description!