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Beta / Re: CRASH Oculus Go
« Last post by Ruud van Reenen on December 12, 2019, 14:12:40 »
Crash confirmed, it's an out of memory error.

Apparently the 95Mb MP3 file (background sound, 1 hour) is too much for the app to handle. This is because the MP3 file has to be loaded into memory completely before playing (it's not streaming audio). In memory the MP3 file is uncompressed and the size is a lot bigger than 95Mb. If you can replace this file with an MP3 file of a few Mb (few minutes) the tour shouldn't crash anymore.

This beta version (1.1.269) supports custom hotspot images, but the images that you are using (arrows) have a resolution of approximately 6300x3400 pixels. When loading three of these the memory of the Oculus fills up really quick and they take a long time to load. I've reduced them to a texture of 512 pixels high or wide (large enough for the displayed size) and they load quickly now.  I'll send you the resized arrows so you can replace them.

Beta / Re: CRASH Oculus Go
« Last post by Ruud van Reenen on December 12, 2019, 13:29:35 »
Thanks, I'll take a look at the files.

Beta / Re: CRASH Oculus Go
« Last post by Adrian P on December 12, 2019, 13:19:02 »
Ok just sent it over. Its a very basic test so nothing complex. No video just image taken from Theta 360 camera. Not sure if you would refer to that as mono or stereo
Beta / Re: CRASH Oculus Go
« Last post by Ruud van Reenen on December 12, 2019, 13:08:11 »

Can you provide some details about the panorama that is loaded when the crash occurs? Does it contain 360 video or regular video or audio, is it a monoscopic or stereoscopic panorama?

Could you share the output this is happening with? If so, please send it to using Then I can try to reproduce the issue here.

Is this happening with a Beta version of VR Tourviewer? Can you tell me the version number?

Beta / CRASH Oculus Go
« Last post by Adrian P on December 12, 2019, 12:52:28 »
VR T is crashing on my Oculus today. Outputs all seem ok on Windows PC HTML but when copied into VR T they open and then crash the whole programme. Not sure if it me or VR T.

Any thoughts?
Thanks for sharing the files, I've had a look at the tour.

Single node stereo panoramas (images) are not supported yet in the released version of VR Tourviewer. This will be available in the upcoming update of VR Tourviewer.

The explanation here with the _tb in filename is only for the use of stereoscopic 360 video, not for images.

The current version of VR Tourviewer supports stereoscopic panoramas created in Pano2VR by using one panorama for each eye:

Ie: node1 is for the left eye of panorama A, node2 is for the right eye panorama A, node3 is for the left eye of panorama B, etc. Then you can add the User Data ‘stereo’ tag and watch your tour in stereo. Note that you have to copy hotspots to the right eye panorama as well and link them to the right eye nodes for them to show up in both eyes. 

Could you share (part of) your tour so i can see what's happening?
You can send it using WeTransfer to
we are currently testing creating tours in Pano2VR (PanoVR pro 6.1.1)with only Top/Bottom Layout Stereo 360 Panoramas.
But the images in VR Tourviewer are never shown in 3D.
We added the stereo tag like shown here:
We tried renaming the images, like videos with TB in the name like shown here:
We tested different html5 output modi (normal, cardboard,ggpkg) and tried with only one or two pictures in the tour. Always with the same result, the panorama is shown as monoscopic.
We are using the latest VRTourviewer on the OculusGo.
Are we missing any settings to get a 3D output in the Oculus Go?
Support / General Discussion / Re: Video Issue
« Last post by Ruud van Reenen on November 25, 2019, 16:00:50 »
I don't have a workaround for the current version unfortunately.
I'm working on a solution for the next update of VR Tourviewer for Rift.

If you want to test a beta version, please send me an email at
Support / General Discussion / Re: Video Issue
« Last post by kirkpro7 on November 24, 2019, 06:45:47 »
In the meantime, is there something I can do to get video to play? What codec can I use?
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