VR Tourviewer 0.2 build 49

Started by Ruud van Reenen, February 17, 2017, 19:32:55

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Ruud van Reenen

A brand new release!

For me as developer it's a major milestone, what started as an idea is now really becoming a fully functional application for the Gear VR. With this release the development stage is moving from alpha to beta. A big thank you to everyone who has reported bugs and shared ideas and suggestions, please keep it coming!

With the current addition of the VR keyboard to add your own online tours (finally), the majority of the final (menu) functionality is now present. Development will soon focus on adding more features inside the tours themselves: adding support for links to other tours, polygonal hotspots, image hotspots, video, surround audio.

I hope you like this release, and looking forward to your feedback, ideas and bugreports!



- added: VR keyboard, use the + sign in menu to add your own online tours, added tours are stored in 'Viewed'
- added: functionality to add/remove favorites and viewed tours
- added: show reason when tour from storage is found but can't load

- add more functionality to panoramas: link to other tour, image hotspot, video, surround audio
- add functionality to modify titles/subtitles of favorite and storage tours
- allow more than 9 tours in each menu section, currently no more than 9 can be displayed
- add ability to parse html files to find the the xml file, so easy urls (to index.html files) can be used to add tours
  for example: use vrtourviewer.com/pano/demo instead of vrtourviewer.com/pano/demo/demo.xml