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Due to changed html generation of Pano2VR (and possible changes made manually), VR Tourviewer can't always find the referenced .xml file in the index.html file.

Parsing of the index.html will be improved in the next update and will assume pano.xml if it can't successfully find a match. There's no release date set yet though.

Meanwhile the only option is to use a link to the pano.xml file directly.
In the tour gallery, 9 tours can be displayed per 'page'.
In the in-tour menu, 6 panorama hotspots can be displayed per page
Great to hear it's solved!
If you can email me the small and large project file (just the p2vr file, not the entire project) I'll see if I can find the issue.
In VR Tourviewer, if you use _hidden as part of the ID or Skin-ID, the hotspot will be hidden.
So if you'd like to hide a hotspot on web and not in VR Tourviewer, use a different name for the Skin-ID, like ht_hide or ht_invisible. Then you can use that skin-ID to create an invisible hotspot in the skin that will be used on web.
There's a setting 'Custom Image' in the Properties panel of a hotspot in the Pano2VR Editor. There you can specify an image that should be used for the hotspot.
You can set the desired default look of the polygons in the 'Hotspots' rollout of the Pano2VR Output settings.
Then you can decide per polygon if you want to use the default colors or want to use a different outline and fill color.

Note that the 'Alpha Channel' value in the color picker determines the transparency, where 0 is invisible and 255 is opaque.

Yes, you can set a 'Custom Image' in the Properties of a hotspot in the Pano2VR tour editor (not the skin editor). VR Tourviewer will then use that image as well.
This will be supported in the next update of VR Tourviewer.
You will be able to use a stereoscopic L/R pinned image and add _stereo to the ID in the Properties of the Image in Pano2VR.

Release date is not known yet but if you need this feature urgently, it's possible to include this feature in a whitelabel/customized version of VR Tourviewer: https://www.vrtourviewer.com/order-white-label/
Happy New Year!

Great to hear it's working properly!
There's no release date known yet.
I can recommend using a Pico Neo 3 Pro or Neo 4, these headsets work well with VR Tourviewer for Pico: https://www.vrtourviewer.com/docs/install-vr-tourviewer-on-pico/

The Pico Neo 3 Pro also supports a full kiosk mode, where the app will be started automatically on startup and the Pico Home environment is disabled: https://www.vrtourviewer.com/docs/kiosk-mode/
A Beta version is not available yet, but to know if the upcoming update will work with your Cardboard, you could try the OBO VR app for Android or iOS. It's also available on Oculus/Meta App Lab

This app was created for the United States Department of State and is a customized version of VR Tourviewer. It uses
the most recent Unity XR and Google Cardboard SDK that is also used for the upcoming public update of VR Tourviewer.
Thanks for reporting! It seems like a wrong VR Cardboard profile is used by the app.
I've tried to replicate the issue here but I don't have the exact same phone model, it worked fine on a Samsung Galaxy S6 though.

I'm working on a major update planned for release in the 1st quarter of 2023. If you want I can add you to the Beta testers so you can test it as soon as the Beta version is available. If you can send me your gmail address in an email to ruud@3dv.nl , I'll add you to the test team.
Should be fixed now
An update of VR Tourviewer for Pico that fixes the controller drifting is now available for download: https://www.vrtourviewer.com/docs/install-vr-tourviewer-on-pico/
The update will also be available from the Pico Store soon.