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Support / General Discussion / Re: 360 video in tour won't play
« on: October 22, 2020, 10:43:37 »
Hi Ruud, thanks very much for the quick response - I'm glad this issue makes sense, I"ll send email as below - much appreciated.


Support / General Discussion / 360 video in tour won't play
« on: October 22, 2020, 09:15:54 »
Hi, I've got a problem with a project I'm developing, it's a 360 VR tour designed in Pano2VR and seeking to use VRTourviewer on an Oculus headset, currently testing on a Go. I'm hoping you could help me please, before I go ahead and buy the full version of the app, because the project is for a community agency, and it needs to work before we hand it over.

The problem is that video files load either intermittently or not at all, despite playing ok (albeit with some latency in loading) in a browser on the computer when testing from Pano2VR.

The video files are 5760x2880 25fps .mp4 with a bitrate of round 110Mbit/s. They play fine when loaded individually onto the Go and played through the gallery; it's when played thru the VRTourviewer that they don't work properly. I've also tested them at 4096x2048 25fps 19Mbit/s - same problems.

Sometimes all video files in a tour will load and play. Sometimes the same files won't load at all. Sometimes the first one will load then nothing. It's very frustrating - I don't know what the factors are here causing errors that are intermittent.

Any insight you can offer would be hugely appreciated.


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