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VR Tourviewer 0.2 build 40

Ruud van Reenen

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VR Tourviewer 0.2 build 40
« on: February 08, 2017, 00:47:31 »
Here's finally the new release of the completely redesigned VR Tourviewer app.
I hope you like it!;sa=view;down=6

- complete redesign of menu system
- added 'Favorite' tours, this now only shows your own url that was available in the previous versions of the app
- added 'Featured' tours
- added 'Storage' tours, indexing up to 9 tours from a folder 'VRTourviewer' on the sdcard
- added debug log in menu, click the logo at the bottom to show/hide log
- code optimization and added error handling

- Add 'Viewed' tours, for viewing history and adding your own online tours using an in-app VR keyboard (prio 1).
- Add functionality in 'Viewed', 'Favorites' and 'Storage' menus, to allow marking/removing favorites, or renaming titles
- The small buttons (bin, star, lock, cogwheel) below the preview images don't work yet

As you can see I've added 'Featured' tours to publicly showcase tours. Would you like your tour(s) to be featured?
Send an email with the url to the xml-file, the title and author to:
Only tours that have been exported with Pano2VR according to the VR Tourviewer guidelines will be considered for placement on the Featured page.

As always, any and all comments, questions, ideas and bugreports are more than welcome!

Best regards, Ruud
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