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Started by Ruud van Reenen, April 15, 2017, 21:33:13

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I forgot something I'd really like to see: there are some characters that won't show in names or in the info box, like ű, ő, and in my language (hungarian) these are used regularly. Is this something you can add, or is it something Pano2VR has to add?

Ruud van Reenen

Thanks for reporting!
I've added support for the Hungarian characters in the next update.


Quote from: thomasvandenabeele on July 11, 2019, 10:56:18
Here's my most wanted features:

1) Caching of loaded images to make transitions from one 'location' to another seamless
2) Zoom and fade of a new image, to create the impression of really moving there. Pano2VR does this really nicely.

I just wanted to add my enthusiastic support of this feature request! I think this would be a total game changer for VR Tourviewer.


I tried using videos/images with alpha channel, and Pano2VR supports it. Is there a chance support for this will be added, maybe in the beta, for VR Tourviewer?


We are mostly using VR Tourviewer in a kiosk capacity with multiple tours. Is it possible to implement changing/starting tours via VR Tourviewer Remote? It would be really amazing!

Ruud van Reenen

The next update of VR Tourviewer will support video with transparency: either by using webm or with the use of a 'side-by-side' or 'top-bottom' alpha channel in the video. With this one half of the video will contain the normal video, the other half contains the transparency/alpha image.

A Remote 'control' option is planned, no release date set yet.


Panotour Pro (ex - kolor) support! I know it's a dead software but it's still the best and easiest solution for building panotours. Lot's of users out there.  :)

Ruud van Reenen

Unfortunately Panotour Pro support is not an option for VR Tourviewer.

This is because Panotour Pro heavily relies on Javascript and CSS, and Unity (the software that VR Tourviewer is developed with) doesn't support Javascript or CSS.


 Sorry、I have poor English,Hope you understand my question!
First ,I'm not good at using pano2vr.
I have a Panorama about the big house,When I use vrtourviewer to Browse it,the hotspot Looks too close、if we can Adjust the hotspot distance,Looks more like in the house
Let me give you an example、
The wall in the picture look like 6 meters away,In the PC monitor ,hotspot is pasted on the wall。
but in vrtourviewer the hotspot look like Distance is 3 meters away 
so、I wish I could adjust the distance(The distance between the hotspot and me)