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Started by Ruud van Reenen, April 15, 2017, 21:33:13

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Ruud van Reenen

Post your most wanted features here!

Features requested here can be added to, or moved up on the priority list.
Let us know what you'd like to see with VR Tourviewer!



I have tested your app and it works great on Galaxy S6.

With regards to features what I would like to see:
- QR code scanner for links (typing links is a bit tedious and being able to use QR code would make it a lot easier)
- ability to use "Info" and "Image" targets although this might have more to do with HTML template coming from Pano2VR but it would be nice to have it if possible.


Ruud van Reenen

Hi tomton,

Adding support for QR codes is a good idea, thanks, I'll look into it.

Info targets will be supported soon, using the hotspot 'description' field from Pano2VR. Image targets are already supported. Note that skins from Pano2VR aren't supported so there will be a generic display for image and info targets. Adding a few preconfigured skins/styles for hotspots is planned so you'll be able to choose which style fits best for your tour.


The app is tested to work great with the Galaxy S8 Plus. 

The two features I'd like to see most would be "Use True North" and polygon hotspots. 


Ruud van Reenen

Polygon hotspots and 'Use true north' are at the top of the list, they will be added soon.



I have tested your app and it works great on Galaxy S7.

I have the latest (v3) GearVR with the new controller. As a feature, it would be great, if the controller would fully supported. I never really liked the control (aiming) typ with the point in the middle of the FOV. I know with the carboard VR, thats the only way to take control over a VR-Tour, but with the new Samsung controller it is more comfortable. So I would really like, if the controller would fully supported. (Yes, I know, the buttons are working, but the controller doesn't shows up in the VR world.


Ruud van Reenen

Thanks for the input! I've added Gear Remote pointer integration to the todo list.
Hope to have some time soon to add/finish a few planned features!


Just started testing on the OculusGo. So far working as expected. Will be great to see skins being recognized and other HTML5 features. It would be nice to navigate without use of the remote. There might be instances where having a remote, say for college tours, would end up missing or misplaced.

Ruud van Reenen

Thanks everyone for their suggestions!
The following items requested here have been added (as of version 0.5.182):

- Support for GearVR and Oculus Go controllers as laserpointer
- Use true north
- Polygonal hotspots

- Ability to choose hotspot icons from a predefined set for each Pano2VR skin-ID.
If you have suggestions for hotspot icons to include in this set, please post an example!


VR Tourviewer works great viewing tours created with pano2vr on the Oculus go.
It would be nice, when the tour map feature of Pano2vr could be used with VR Tourviewer.

best regards, Christoph


The Oculus Go comes with a browser and I see that Firefox just released a VR browser.   Is it technically possible to seamlessly open your app and play a tour with a non-skined Pano2vr project, in a full 360 view, from a link on a browser?

Ruud van Reenen

The technique you mention is called App Linking or Deep Linking.
Unfortunately that doesn't seem to work in the default Oculus VR browser or the new Firefox Reality browser yet.

As soon as this is available, I'll add support for it.


Here's my most wanted features:

1) Caching of loaded images to make transitions from one 'location' to another seamless
2) Zoom and fade of a new image, to create the impression of really moving there. Pano2VR does this really nicely.



Love your program, I'm using it on Oculus Go. I only really miss one function, the floor plan, and node navigation on it. It would be really awesome.

Also I don't know if this is intentional or not: info hotspots only show one line of the description. Right now I use patch and hover image to show information, which looks awesome, so maybe I'll stick to that, but I also have problems with using patch in stereo, but that's Pano2VR stuff I need to get used to. Anyway it would be great if the info hotspot would show more of the description!


Ruud van Reenen

Hi! Thanks for the suggestions!

The info hotspot issue is fixed in the next update (in the next few weeks). Nice workaround with the hover image feature!

Support for floorplans or maps with node navigation is on the wishlist. Development to support skin elements has started, but no estimated on when it will be available.