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Support / General Discussion / Re: How many hotspots in menu?
Last post by szilard - April 04, 2024, 18:26:07
In the tour gallery, 9 tours can be displayed per 'page'.
In the in-tour menu, 6 panorama hotspots can be displayed per page
Support / General Discussion / How many hotspots in menu?
Last post by szilard - April 04, 2024, 13:04:41

I don't have my goggles with me, but I need to know how many hotspots can be on one page of the menu? I want to make a tour without having to go to next page of the menu.

Thanks in advance!
Support / General Discussion / Home Screen look with licensed...
Last post by kuddelmuddel - December 22, 2023, 20:58:43

can someone please share a screenshot of the licensed main screen when the app is starting with checked "start gallery: featured" and "invisible settings button" and "show favourites only". Would be great, thanks.

Kind regards,
Support / General Discussion / How to hide the "gaze navigati...
Last post by kuddelmuddel - December 22, 2023, 20:53:15

how can I hide the target point in "gaze mode"?
The constantly wobbling point in the middle of your field of view takes away a lot of immersion and disturbs the overall picture.
It is unnecessary for navigation, as the "loading circle" is completely sufficient as feedback.

Kind regards
Support / General Discussion / Re: Caching to eliminate the l...
Last post by kuddelmuddel - December 22, 2023, 20:43:37
Hi Ruud,

for me, a black transition seems the best solution.
However, in Pano2VR the black transition has a "fade to black", it makes the transition more smooth and like a blink of an eye and less hard cut.
Is it possible to let it 1 second fade to black and back?

And also the loading circles are not that immersive and necessary for the short transition time.
It looks more natural without them, like in Pano2VR. Is it possible to disable / hide them?

For an impression, immerGallery is doing both as well and it feels and looks very discreet.

Kind regards,

By the way:  When i signed up or posted this, there was written: "Which year is mentioned at the bottom of this page?" On the left bottom is written 2023, but wrong answer. Still 2022? Or am I missing something?...
Great to hear it's solved!
Instead of "ht_hidden" I left it empty, now it works. I tried this before, but the skin was faulty then. Now that the skin is good, this is how to make this work.

In the small project I did this and didn't remember, that's why I didn't find this sooner.
If you can email me the small and large project file (just the p2vr file, not the entire project) I'll see if I can find the issue.
I made some progress. Now the hotspots are hidden on web version, BUT:
In the main project the hotspots are hidden as well. But when I make a smaller tour from it for testing purposes, they are visible. All I did was delete 90% of nodes to export faster, and it now works.. And I have no idea how to make it work on the original, bigger project..

Quote from: Ruud van Reenen on May 22, 2023, 10:24:36In VR Tourviewer, if you use _hidden as part of the ID or Skin-ID, the hotspot will be hidden.
So if you'd like to hide a hotspot on web and not in VR Tourviewer, use a different name for the Skin-ID, like ht_hide or ht_invisible. Then you can use that skin-ID to create an invisible hotspot in the skin that will be used on web.
Yes I'm using this method, but there was something in the skin that made it not work. After deleting unused controller icons it now hides hotspots in web version. But the newer versions of Pano2VR seem to cause some problems. For me at least. If I find the problem I'll write.