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Hi Ruud,

Dat is geweldig!  ;) That's great, thanks for the superspeedy service!
Here is a download link for the project:

Hi Ruud and others,

I'm running version 1.1.244, and the view orientations I have set in Pano2VR are not being used correctly:

I have a lounge area in the middle of my project, with a bar on one side, and a restaurant on the other side. In my Pano2VR HTML5 output it works perfectly in the browser:
- When you're going from the restaurant --> lounge --> bar the 'default arrival' view in the lounge shows one side of the room, oriented towards the bar.
- When you're going from the bar --> lounge --> restaurant the 'default arrival' view in the lounge shows the other side of the room, oriented towards the restaurant.

In VR TourViewer this does not work correctly. Each time you enter the lounge area, the default arrival view is the same.

- Is this a known issue?
- Can this be fixed quickly? I would need this to work by end of august. I can copy the same images twice as a workaround, but I'd rather not.


p.s. I can share my project if needed.
Here's my most wanted features:

1) Caching of loaded images to make transitions from one 'location' to another seamless
2) Zoom and fade of a new image, to create the impression of really moving there. Pano2VR does this really nicely.
Hi Ruud and others,

First of all: great app, we enjoy using it. I have a question though: is there a way to eliminate the loading time for each transition? It seems like it should be perfectly possible to keep a lot of images in memory, given that the files are typically not that big. It would make the experience more immersive.