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In VR Tourviewer, if you use _hidden as part of the ID or Skin-ID, the hotspot will be hidden.
So if you'd like to hide a hotspot on web and not in VR Tourviewer, use a different name for the Skin-ID, like ht_hide or ht_invisible. Then you can use that skin-ID to create an invisible hotspot in the skin that will be used on web.
I have a Pano2VR tour that should be accessible trough web, and as an online tour on Oculus Go as well.
I have some hotspots I need to be able to use in VR, but want them to be hidden in web version.
I tried to set Skin-ID of hotspots to "", and to "ht_hidden", but they still show up on web version. In a previous tour I made a while back, this solution worked, but now it doesn't work.

I tried to create an invisible hotspot in skin, but that made the hotspots disappear in VR version as well.

Does anyone have a solution?
Thanks in advance!
There's a setting 'Custom Image' in the Properties panel of a hotspot in the Pano2VR Editor. There you can specify an image that should be used for the hotspot.
You can set the desired default look of the polygons in the 'Hotspots' rollout of the Pano2VR Output settings.
Then you can decide per polygon if you want to use the default colors or want to use a different outline and fill color.

Note that the 'Alpha Channel' value in the color picker determines the transparency, where 0 is invisible and 255 is opaque.

Yes, you can set a 'Custom Image' in the Properties of a hotspot in the Pano2VR tour editor (not the skin editor). VR Tourviewer will then use that image as well.
Support / General Discussion / Re: Stereoscopic images
Last post by Ruud van Reenen - May 11, 2023, 15:14:45
This will be supported in the next update of VR Tourviewer.
You will be able to use a stereoscopic L/R pinned image and add _stereo to the ID in the Properties of the Image in Pano2VR.

Release date is not known yet but if you need this feature urgently, it's possible to include this feature in a whitelabel/customized version of VR Tourviewer: https://www.vrtourviewer.com/order-white-label/
Support / General Discussion / Stereoscopic images
Last post by DIMM2 - April 20, 2023, 10:06:15
VR Tourviewer can recognize top/bottom or left/right stereoscopic videofiles (including 180 and 360 modes).
But what about stereoscopic still images (in popup windoows, not in additional panoramas)? Same filenames and tags as for videos are not working (using Pano2VR)...
Support / General Discussion / Re: Tour panormas thumbnails
Last post by pbetancourt - February 21, 2023, 20:13:25
This question is related to the one I've posted earlier in the forum.
What do you mean by "Custom hotspot image", a regular hotspot which its icon can be customized (how?) or a hotspot that shows an image (the one with the photocamera as icon in Pano2vr)?

I have three different tours with 5 scenes each, and also a version in spanish and english, so I have 6 tours showing in Tourviewer Oculus Gallery. I would love to have only one, or two.
Support / General Discussion / Custom hotpsot image?
Last post by pbetancourt - February 21, 2023, 16:10:51
Hello, is there a way to have a custom icon image for hotspots rather than the ones that comes by default with Tourviewer? I see that this is listed as a feature, but cannot find documentation on how to do it.
Many thanks!

Support / General Discussion / Polygonal filled hotspots
Last post by oq.agency - February 19, 2023, 23:53:32
Greetings! I'm new to VR Tourviewer and I'm currently using the demo version. I watched a demo tour with the program's features. I want to make a polygon hotspot filled with blue or red when I hover my gaze, as well as the polygon edging, the same as in the demo tour. But I didn't find any instructions on the site in the FAQ section. Please tell me where I can read about it?
P.S.: I use Pico Neo 3 PRO device.