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Support / General Discussion / Re: version 7 pano2vr
Last post by Carlos Piazuelo - February 10, 2022, 18:20:58
Thanks for the good news.
Do you have a beta version for testing?

Thanks a lot.
Support / General Discussion / Re: version 7 pano2vr
Last post by Ruud van Reenen - February 08, 2022, 14:39:26
Hi Carlos,

Yes, an update for compatibility with Pano2VR V7 Beta will be released next week for Oculus Quest (1 & 2) and Pico VR headsets. The Remote viewer for Windows will also be updated next week.

Updates for other VR headsets (Cardboard, Rift and a sideloaded update for Oculus Go) and the Remote for other operating systems (Android and MacOS) will follow later.
Support / General Discussion / version 7 pano2vr
Last post by Carlos Piazuelo - February 07, 2022, 16:20:50

Recently pano2vr has updated to its version 7, I cannot see in the vrtourviewer application for coculus guest 2 the projects exported with the new version.
Are you working on these updates?

Thank you.
Support / General Discussion / Re: Polygonal zones
Last post by Ruud van Reenen - December 19, 2021, 12:10:37
Hi Carlos, welcome to the forum!

For an image popup on a polygonal hotspot, you can choose Type: URL and specify the URL to the image in the Link Target URL in the properties.

You can use an online URL (https://...) or use a path relative to the output folder of your tour. For example:

Note that for polygonal hotspots, a target image won't be automatically included in the tour.
So you have to make sure the MyImage.png is placed in the media folder of your output manually.

Alternatively you can add the image to the Assets in Output > Advanced
Then you can use the URL: assets/MyImage.png in Link Target URL of the polygonal hotspot.

Currently the image will popup with it's center on the first point/vertice of the polygonal hotspot.
This will be improved in an update so the image will appear in the center of the polygonal hotspot.
Support / General Discussion / Polygonal zones
Last post by Carlos Piazuelo - December 19, 2021, 11:40:16

I am new to VR TOURVIEWER, the truth is that the adaptation of the 2 vr pano tours is looking very good to me.

I'm having trouble generating a polygon in which a pop-up image appears.
With the link polygons to web pages I do get it and with a link link polygon to a node as well.

See if you can give me a hand.
I've emailed you an update of VR Tourviewer for Oculus Go that should fix this issue.
This file will become available for download on the website soon as well.
Update: I've just tested this and can confirm this is a bug. Will let you know when an update for side loading is available.
Thanks for reporting, I'll look into it.
It sounds like it's not something that can be fixed on your end.

Unfortunately, due to Oculus discontinuing the Go it's not possible to publish updates of the software anymore since December 18th 2020.
I'll see if I can make a version available for download which can then be installed by 'side loading', directly, or with the use of SideQuest. I'll let you know when I have a solution.
Support / General Discussion / Poly hotspot gaze timer doesn'...
Last post by szilard - November 13, 2021, 15:18:41
I created a tour with poly hotspots, which is used with the gaze mode on the Oculus Go.
With a previous version, 1.2.304 it worked like a charm, but on 2 Oculus Go devices I updated VR Tourviewer to the newest version, 1.3.415, where if I look at a poly hotspot the timer doesn't even start, the node change doesn't happen. It still works if with gaze mode I use the trigger on the controller, but using the controller is not a good solution.

Is it something that can be found in the settings, or fix on my end? If not, can you please fix this issue, and update the Oculus Go app?

Thanks in advance!
Sure, I've sent you an offer via email.