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General Discussion / IVRPA Belfast 2019
« Last post by Ruud van Reenen on June 05, 2019, 00:03:39 »

I will be visiting the annual IVRPA (International VR Professionals Association) conference in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on Monday, June 10th.

Really looking forward to meeting other VR enthousiasts, so if you happen to be there that day as well and would like to meet, drop me a message!

Announcements / VR Tourviewer for Oculus Quest coming soon!
« Last post by Ruud van Reenen on May 05, 2019, 19:19:46 »
An Oculus Quest VR headset is currently pre-ordered from Oculus. As soon as it arrives at the office I'll work on making a version of VR Tourviewer for Oculus Quest. Since the Quest functionality is similar to the Oculus Rift it could be pretty straight forward.

I'll post here again if I have any news on the subject.

Greetings, Ruud
Beta / Guideline for reporting bugs and issues
« Last post by Ruud van Reenen on April 22, 2019, 10:17:18 »
When reporting an issue or bug in a beta version, please include the following information:

Device type: Oculus Go, Rift, Gear VR, Cardboard, Windows pc, MacOS pc
VR Tourviewer and/or VR Tourviewer Remote version number: in the startup splash screen or in VR Tourviewer Settings. It's in the format: 1.0.123 where 123 is the version number.
Please describe the bug as detailed as possible to make it easier to try and replicate the problem. If possible please send a tour showing the issue with WeTransfer to and refer to your forum post here.
General Discussion / How to use VR Tourviewer
« Last post by Ruud van Reenen on April 22, 2019, 10:13:51 »
Announcements / VR Tourviewer 1.0 build 227
« Last post by Ruud van Reenen on April 22, 2019, 09:58:22 »
VR Tourviewer and VR Tourviewer Remote version 1.0.227 have been released on Februari 5th, 2019.

Complete changelog here.

Recent changes:

1.0 Build 227 (2019-02-05)
fixed: playback issue with monoscopic 360 videos

1.0 Build 226 (2019-02-02)
added: option to always show/hide hotspot title
fixed: stereoscopic 360 video display
fixed: minor issues

1.0 Build 225 (2019-01-16)
added: support for links to other tours (online and storage!)
added: option to show tour dialog using back button
added: option to customize the Remote waiting screen
fixed: connection issue with Remote when VR device returns from standby mode
fixed: a few minor issues

1.0 Build 222 (2019-01-04)
added: choose which menu item to show when starting the app (licensed only)
added: Guest Mode setting: you can now limit the visible tours to Favorites only (licensed only)
added: Guest Mode setting: disable editing/adding/removing tours and hide the settings button (licensed only)
added: support for links to pdf files
added: you can now add flying butterflies to your panorama
added: hidden image overlay can be made visible when focus or laser pointer hovers over it
added: ability to show node hotspots as 3d arrows
added: ability to mark already visited panoramas
added: description textbox for info hotspots (hotspots without a link)
added: mini icons to hotspots to recognize audio, image, video and info hotspots
added: hotspots for sound with play/pause function (automatic for sounds that are not set to autoplay)
changed: hotspots are now slightly pulsating to make them stand out better, easier to recognize
fixed: video support, direct links to mp4 files will now play correctly
fixed: direct links to mp3 files supported, adds play/pause hotspot
fixed: some directional and surround audio issues
fixed: background audio, will now play uninterrupted between panoramas
fixed: connections issues with VR Tourviewer Remote after running for a long time
fixed: MP3 now also supported on Remote for Windows
fixed: minor bugfixes, compatibility issue with Pano2VR 6.0

General Discussion / Re: Question about functionality
« Last post by Ruud van Reenen on November 12, 2018, 14:50:17 »
Image and video overlays have a 'Click Mode' in Pano2VR, VR Tourviewer can handle those.

But not only navigational hotspots are supported for Pano2VR tours, you can use hotspots with a direct url to a jpg or png image or an mp4 video.
General Discussion / Re: Question about functionality
« Last post by panographer on November 12, 2018, 14:41:14 »
I have a new question:
Image and Videooverlays are supported, right? How can they be triggered / opened if only navigational hotspots are supported?
General Discussion / Re: Question about functionality
« Last post by Ruud van Reenen on November 09, 2018, 09:50:32 »
You can switch between day and night shots just like switching to another panorama, so there's some loading time in between with the black screen with the progress indication.

This was done to prevent having to keep images of two panoramas in memory on mobile, since loading images from web with Unity (the program used to create the app) is a lot less streamlined than with a browser.

I'll reevaluate this and will see if I can load a second panorama without discarding the first one so transitions can be supported and the experience is more seemless.

About the hotspots: currently there's only one default hotspot icon in VR Tourviewer, custom hotspots aren't supported. Adding a predefined set of hotspots is planned, those can then be chosen to be linked to a certain Pano2VR skin-id.
General Discussion / Re: Question about functionality
« Last post by panographer on November 09, 2018, 09:31:20 »
Hi Ruud,

thanks for your explanation!
So switching panos with same view is supported? Example: I have two shots from the same position, one is shot during day and one is shot during night. Is it possible to switch between these two without a viewchange?
So, Hotspots (from pano2vr) with my own graphics are supported, right?

General Discussion / Re: Question about functionality
« Last post by Ruud van Reenen on November 08, 2018, 17:46:11 »
Hi Jan, welcome to the forum!

- can i create tours with pop up images and videos visible in oculus go?
yes, overlay images and videos are supported

- is it possible to make transitions between two panos with same view (day / night effect)?
Transitions (fading etc.) aren't supported yet, but you can use a hotspot to switch between different panoramas.

- pano2vr is the editor for all these features, right?
Yes, VR Tourviewer focusses on supporting Pano2VR tours, only very basic krPano tours are supported.
Note that skins, maps, animation and menus aren't supported yet.
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