VR Tourviewer licensed version

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VR Tourviewer licensed version


The licensed version of VR Tourviewer displays all tours without watermark.
No costs per month, no subscription! No costs per tour! Includes free updates.
The license will be linked to your VR device, the license is perpetual.

With a licensed version you can also use the ‘Gaze mode’, which hides the handheld controller and allows a user to simply use gaze (staring) to activate buttons and hotspots. The controller doesn’t have to be explained to the user, and it prevents an inexperienced user clicking a wrong button on the controller. Great for presentations/exhibitions.

To order a license, you will need to specify your VR Tourviewer serial number.
You can find the VR Tourviewer serial number in the VR Tourviewer app, in the settings ≡ menu.

For Rift a serial number is not needed, just enter 100
For Cardboard, you can purchase a license here: VR Tourviewer Cardboard licensed version


The licensed version of VR Tourviewer removes the watermark that is shown on stored and custom online tours.

If you need 5 or more licenses at a time, please contact us for a suitable offer.