Order a white label/customized version


App name
Choose your own app name
Splash screen
Show your company or product logo instead of the VR Tourviewer logo when the app starts
Menu background
Use a custom menu / tour gallery background panorama
Oculus Store appearance
Customize the look of your app in the Oculus Store & your Oculus Library
Hotspot colors
Choose your own hotspot color and hotspot text color
Play audio
Optionally play a looping audio file during all tours & panoramas
Auto start tour
Optionally start a tour automatically when the app is started, instead of showing the menu first
Disable menu / tour gallery
Optionally disable the menu / tour gallery. Can be used if you only use one (main) tour and use 'Auto start tour'.

Offline and online access

By default this version only uses the ‘Storage’ section, for offline usage, no WiFi connection needed. The top menu of the VR Tourviewer menu/tour gallery will be hidden then.
Online access can be added: you will then be able to control which online tours will be available in your app with a simple XML file on your server.

Your local (storage) tours will not be included in the app, so you will always be able to change, add or remove your tours when needed. On the local storage of your device a folder with your app name will be created (just like the VRTourviewer folder for the standard app). You can copy your tours to this folder. There’s no limit to the number of tours you can add/use.


A white label version will be visible in Oculus Home/Oculus Store for the licensed devices. Distribution will be through a dedicated Oculus Release Channel, just like the distribution of the regular version of VR Tourviewer. Devices can be easily added by providing the email address linked to the Oculus account of the device.


Click here for an overview of the the customizable graphics files.
Examples of these files can be downloaded here.

The following files are needed to created the VR app and Remote:

  • Custom-Splash.png and Custom-Menu-Pano backgrounds (if you use them) – for both VR app and Remote
  • Custom-Remote-Dialog.png and Custom-Remote-Icon.png – for Remote only

All other files are used for the Oculus Home/Library appearance of your app and can be provided later. These aren’t included in the build of the app and can easily be changed/updated later if needed.

Ordering process

For ordering a white label app, the steps below are followed:

  • Fill in the appropriate order form (download here) and email it to info@vrtourviewer.com
  • Send the necessary graphics files to info@vrtourviewer.com, preferrably with WeTransfer
  • Based on the order form you’ll receive a formal Software License Agreement and a Statement of Work for approval, describing the conversion of VR Tourviewer to your custom app
  • When approved you can return a signed copy of these documents by email
  • You’ll receive a PayPal payment request/invoice for the ordered amount (a Paypal account is not required, it’s possible to pay with credit card)
  • When the necessary graphics files, signed documents and payment are received, your app will be created
  • Delivery of the app is usually within 2 to 3 business days after receiving payment, if you need it faster please contact us so we can see what is possible.


All prices are ‘pay once, use forever’. There are no monthly or yearly subscription costs, and no costs per tour.

White label
For up to 15 devices
White label VR app, offline/storage only € 300 Including licenses for 2 devices
Additional device licenses (each) € 75 Purchase 5 or more at once: € 60 each
White label VR Remote for Windows, iMac or Android € 150 Shows a real time, high resolution view of what the VR user is seeing
Can be installed as many times as needed, so no extra costs per device.
The Remote can be used with all your licensed white label VR devices.
Application options:
Add online access € 200 Control which online tours are available for your VR app
Extra customization

If you need additional customization, please contact us for an offer that suits your needs
Plan to use more than 15 devices?
Contact us for a suitable offer with lower costs per device


If you have any questions, remarks or special customization wishes, please let us know!
We’ll be happy to discuss the possible options and make a suitable offer for your app.