Download VR Tourviewer Remote for Windows

The VR Remote Tourviewer for Windows connects to the VR Tourviewer on the Oculus Go or Gear VR device via WiFi and shows in high quality what the user is seeing.

With normal screencasting applications, a videostream of the screen has to be transmitted. Due to the high CPU/GPU intensity of this technique, this results in lag in both the VR experience and the casted result.

VR Remote Tourviewer has solved this by running an identical non-VR tour on a Windows machine, and only synchronizing the camera movement and clicks from the VR Tourviewer app on the VR device. This results in a very high quality, low latency, synchronized view of the tour on a big screen.

The demo version only synchronizes the tours in the Featured section. A full version can be purchased here.
Note that this version of VR Tourviewer Remote needs VR Tourviewer app on your VR device with version 0.5.178 or higher.


2019-02-04: Updated to build 1.0.222 – for use with VR Tourviewer version 1.0.222 – download here
2018-09-27: Updated to build 0.5.195 – for use with VR Tourviewer version 0.5.195 – download here