White label graphics files

On this page you’ll find an overview of the required and optional graphics files for a white label order.
Please make sure to use PNG format for all files, with the specified image dimensions and file names.

For the VR app:


  • Splash screen, 2048×2048, PNG, filename: Custom-Splash.png
  • Icon, 512×515, PNG, filename: Custom-Launch-Icon.png

Optional: custom background panorama for the menu/gallery area:

For a monoscopic background (recommended for menu/gallery area):

  • Panorama, equirectangular, 8192×4096 or 6144×3072, PNG, filename: Custom-Menu-Pano.png
  • Icon, 512×515, PNG, filename: Custom-Launch-Icon.png

For a stereoscopic background (this can cause depth perception conflicts if the background items appear closer than the tour preview images):

  • Left eye panorama, equirectangular, 8192×4096 or 6144×3072, PNG, filename: Custom-Menu-Pano-L.png
  • Right eye panorama, equirectangular, 8192×4096 or 6144×3072, PNG, filename: Custom-Menu-Pano-R.png

Note that the template images for the background panorama are only to show where the tour preview items will be placed on your background.
You don’t include the tour preview images/text in the background image itself.

For the OCULUS LIBRARY appearance (Oculus QUEST & QUEST 2 ONLY):


  • Logo, Min: 360×1440, Max: 9000×1440, PNG, filename: Custom-Store-Logo.png
  • Icon, 512×515, PNG, filename: Custom-Store-Icon.png
  • Cover art, landscape: 2560×1440, PNG, filename: Custom-Store-Cover-Landscape.png
  • Screenshot, 2560×1440, PNG, filename: Custom-Store-Screenshot-01.png


  • Cover art, square: 1440×1440, PNG, filename: Custom-Store-Cover-Square.png
  • Cover art, portrait: 1440×1440, PNG, filename: Custom-Store-Cover-Portrait.png
  • VR Landscape: 1080×360, PNG, filename: Custom-Store-VR-Landscape.png
  • Hero Art: 3000×900, PNG, filename: Custom-Store-Hero-Art.png
  • Extra screenshots (4), 2560×1440, PNG, filename: Custom-Store-Screenshot-02.png etc.
  • Cubemap, 12288×2048, PNG, filename: Custom-Store-Cubemap.png

For the Remote:


  • Desktop/launch icon: 256×256, PNG, filename: Custom-Remote-Icon.png
  • Start-up dialog image: 432×163, PNG, filename: Custom-Remote-Dialog.png
  • Splash screen, 2048×2048, PNG, the splash screen of the VR app will be used

Examples can be downloaded here:


Guidelines for Store art creation can be found here:



When ordering a white label version, these files can be sent using WeTransfer (https://www.wetransfer.com) to: info@vrtourviewer.com

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