White label graphics files

On this page you’ll find an overview of the required and optional graphics files for a white label order.
Please make sure to use PNG format for all files, with the specified image dimensions and file names.

For the VR app:


  • Splash screen, 2048×2048, PNG, filename: Custom-Splash.png

Optional: custom background panorama for the menu/gallery area:

For a monoscopic background (recommended for menu/gallery area):

  • Panorama, equirectangular, 6144×3072 or 4096×2048, PNG, filename: Custom-Menu-Pano.png

For a stereoscopic background:

  • Left eye panorama, equirectangular, 6144×3072 or 4096×2048, PNG, filename: Custom-Menu-Pano-L.png
  • Right eye panorama, equirectangular, 6144×3072 or 4096×2048, PNG, filename: Custom-Menu-Pano-R.png

For the Store appearance (only for Oculus Go/Gear VR):


  • Logo, Min: 360×1440, Max: 9000×1440, PNG, filename: Custom-Store-Logo.png
  • Icon, 512×515, PNG, filename: Custom-Store-Icon.png
  • Cover art, landscape: 2560×1440, PNG, filename: Custom-Store-Cover-Landscape.png
  • Screenshot, 2560×1440, PNG, filename: Custom-Store-Screenshot-01.png


  • Cover art, square: 1440×1440, PNG, filename: Custom-Store-Cover-Square.png
  • Cover art, portrait: 1440×1440, PNG, filename: Custom-Store-Cover-Portrait.png
  • VR Landscape: 1080×360, PNG, filename: Custom-Store-VR-Landscape.png
  • Hero Art: 3000×900, PNG, filename: Custom-Store-Hero-Art.png
  • Extra screenshots (4), 2560×1440, PNG, filename: Custom-Store-Screenshot-02.png etc.
  • Cubemap, 12288×2048, PNG, filename: Custom-Store-Cubemap.png

For the Remote:


  • Desktop/launch icon: 256×256, PNG, filename: Custom-Remote-Icon.png
  • Start-up dialog image: 432×163, PNG, filename: Custom-Remote-Dialog.png
  • Splash screen, 2048×2048, PNG, the splash screen of the VR app will be used

Examples can be downloaded here:


Guidelines for Store art creation can be found here:



When ordering a white label version, these files can be sent using WeTransfer (https://www.wetransfer.com) to: info@vrtourviewer.com