Here are the steps to make the VR Tourviewer Remote connect with the VR Tourviewer app:

  • Install VR Tourviewer Remote for Windows (build 222)
  • Use VR Tourviewer (build 222) on the Oculus Go or Gear VR device
  • IMPORTANT: Make sure that both the ‘VR Tourviewer’ VR device and the ‘VR Tourviewer Remote’ local storage folders contain the exact same tours!
    The storage folder of the VR Tourviewer Remote for Windows (for default installation path) is: C:\Program Files\VR Tourviewer Remote\VR-Tourviewer-Remote_Data\VRTourviewer
  • Make sure the Oculus Go or Gear VR device and the Windows machine are part of the same Wi-Fi network and subnet
  • Start VR Tourviewer on the VR device
  • Start VR Tourviewer Remote for Windows, press the ‘Escape’ button on the keyboard, click the magnifying glass to automatically find the Oculus Go or Gear VR currently running the VR Tourviewer app. Click OK when ready.

The demo version only synchronizes the tours in the Featured section. The full version can be purchased here.


  • The WiFi network should not be a ‘guest’ network, for a guest network only the internet connection is shared, but devices can’t connect to each other, traffic between them is blocked.
  • If the VR app is running but the Remote doesn’t find the device when clicking on the magnifying glass, you can add the IP of the Oculus Go in the settings manually. To get the local IP address of the Oculus Go, use the Oculus Go Browser to visit this page: and write down the local IP. Then use that IP as VR Device IP in the Remote settings.
  • Make sure a firewall isn’t blocking traffic on TCP port 12346 and allows UDP broadcasts from the VR device on the subnet.If UDP broadcasting is blocked, the Remote will not be able to find the VR device automatically and you will have to enter the IP of the VR device manually in the Remote settings.
  • If you switch from a mobile 3G/4G connection to WiFi, you may have to restart the VR Tourviewer on the VR device for the connection with the Remote to work.
  • When switching connections, the IP of your device can/will change, make sure you use the correct local IP to connect to from the Remote.
  • Leave the VR Device Port on default: 12346
  • Make sure the build version of VR Tourviewer on the VR device is the same for the VR Tourviewer Remote, different versions can’t connect to each other.