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Add effects like falling rain, leaves, snow or flying butterflies

Add falling leaves, snow, rain or flying butterflies to your panorama.
This will increase the immersion and enhances your tour experience.


Before exporting your tour, add a User Data 'Tag' with the desired effect: effect=snow / effect=rain / effect=leaves / effect=butterflies in your panorama

You can also add it manually into the XML file (usually pano.xml) in the userdata tag.  For example:
Before: <userdata tags="" description= ... etc. >
After: <userdata tags="effect=butterflies" description=... etc.>

If there are existing tags, make sure to separate them using |. For example:
Before: <userdata tags="level1|front" description= ... etc. >
After: <userdata tags="level1|front|effect=butterflies" description=... etc.>



Open the tour XML file and add an effect attribute with the desired effect (snow, rain, or leaves) to the 'scene' item.
Example <scene name="scene_01" effect="snow" lat="" lng="" heading="">


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