Stereo tour shows two different panoramas

Currently VR Tourviewer (version 1.1.244 and older) doesn’t support the ‘one node stereo’ feature yet, which was introduced with Pano2VR 6.1. Support for this will be added in the upcoming update of VR Tourviewer. It will not require the use of the ‘stereo’ tag anymore.

As a workaround you could remove all ‘stereo’ tags from your tour to watch it as a monoscopic tour.

Or for a stereoscopic tour, you could create a separate stereo tour using the previous stereo method: with a node for each eye, so two nodes per stereo panorama.

Ie: the node1 is for the left eye of panorama A, node2 is for the right eye panorama A, node3 is for the left eye of panorama B, etc. Then you can add the User Data ‘stereo’ tag and watch your tour in stereo. Note that you have to copy hotspots to the right eye panorama as well for them to show up in both eyes.