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Change title of preview tour image

You can choose which title and subtitle will be displayed with the preview image in the tour gallery.

The title and subtitle of a tour preview image are retrieved in the following (priority) order:

  • Manually editing the XML file to add a title and author attribute in the <tour> tag of the XML file
  • The Title and Author settings from the Master Node User Data (recommended)
  • The Title and Author in the User Data of the first panorama


In Pano2VR, in the top menu choose Tour > Edit Master Node.
Open the User Data panel. Here you can set a Title and Author. Note that the values of the Master Node will be used in all panoramas where these settings are empty.

If the author value is empty, the address to the tour will be displayed as subtitle. If you would like the subtitle to be empty, you can use a space as value for the author field.

Set title and subtitle MANUALLY in the pano.xml file

Edit the tour XML file (usually called pano.xml) and add a 'title' and 'author' (=subtitle) property for the 'tour' item. Example:
Before: <tour appversion="5.2.0" apprev="15969" start="node1">
After: <tour appversion="5.2.0" apprev="15969" start="node1" title="Tour Eiffel" author="">

Note that there are a few characters that have to be 'escaped' for the XML file to remain correct.

"      &quot;
'       &apos;
<      &lt;
>      &gt;
&      &amp;

Example: <tour appversion="5.2.0" apprev="15969" start="node1" title="Interior &amp; Exterior">

If you don't want to show a title or subtitle, use " " for title or author


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