The displayed titles and subtitles of tours can be modified.
By default the name of the first panorama (if available in userdata) and filename is shown.

For Pano2VR:

Edit the tour XML file, and add a ‘title’ and ‘author’ (=subtitle) property for the ‘tour’ item. Example:
Before: <tour appversion=”5.2.0″ apprev=”15969″ start=”node1″>
After: <tour appversion=”5.2.0″ apprev=”15969″ start=”node1″ title=”Tour Eiffel” author=””>

Note that there are a few characters that have to be ‘escaped’ for the XML file to remain correct.

”      &quot;
‘       &apos;
<      &lt;
>      &gt;
&      &amp;

Example: <tour appversion=”5.2.0″ apprev=”15969″ start=”node1″ title=”Interior &amp; Exterior”>

If you don’t want to show a title or subtitle, use ” ” for title or author.