Change title of preview tour image

The displayed titles and subtitles of tours can be modified.
By default the name of the first panorama (if available in userdata) and filename is shown.

For Pano2VR:

Edit the tour XML file (usually called pano.xml) and add a ‘title’ and ‘author’ (=subtitle) property for the ‘tour’ item. Example:
Before: <tour appversion="5.2.0" apprev="15969" start="node1">
After: <tour appversion="5.2.0" apprev="15969" start="node1" title="Tour Eiffel" author="">

Note that there are a few characters that have to be ‘escaped’ for the XML file to remain correct.

”      &quot;
‘       &apos;
<      &lt;
>      &gt;
&      &amp;

Example: <tour appversion="5.2.0" apprev="15969" start="node1" title="Interior &amp; Exterior">

If you don’t want to show a title or subtitle, use " " for title or author.