Add tours on your phone storage

For VR Tourviewer with Gear VR, or VR Tourviewer Cardboard:

You can store tours on your device, so they will also be available when there’s no internet connection.
Locally stored tours generally load much faster than online tours.

The app creates a ‘VRTourviewer’ (case sensitive) folder on the device.
When connected throught USB, browse to ”Phone”, folder ‘VRTourviewer’.

Copy your complete tours (including subfolders) to that folder, you can use subfolders to easily organize them.

For versions up to 0.5.195: due to a bug a tour placed directly in the VRTourviewer folder isn’t recognized.
Make sure to place your tours in a subdirectory of VRTourviewer, for example ‘VRTourviewer/TourA/’
This will be fixed in the next update.

For info on how to store local tours on your Oculus Go click here.

Last Updated On April 16, 2019