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Show or hide hotspot titles

You can force hotspots to always show or always hide their title.

You can set this for the entire tour by adding a User Data Tag in the first panorama of the Pano2VR Tour Browser. Note: the first panorama of the Tour Browser doesn't have to be the start panorama.

showtitles=1 (always show hotspot titles)
showtitles=0 (default behavior, show title when hotspot is hovered)

hidetitles=1 (always hide hotspot titles)
hidetitles=0 (default behavior, show title when hotspot is hovered)

You can control this per panorama too, by adding the User Data Tag in an individual panorama.

If you want to override this for a single hotspot, you can add '_showtitle' or '_hidetitle' to the hotspot ID.

(VR Tourviewer version 1.0.226 and higher)

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