VR Tourviewer latest version: 1.0 Build 304 (2020-01-20)
VR Tourviewer Remote latest version: 1.0 Build 304 (2020-01-16)


1.2 Build 304 (2020-01-20)

– fixed: VR keyboard didn’t show correct characters on keyboard when Shift or Caps-Lock was used
– fixed: gaze mode didn’t work on Oculus Rift

1.2 Build 303 (2020-01-16)
– added: support for single node stereo panoramas (introduced with Pano2VR 6.1)
– added: support for custom hotspot hotspot images, without using the skin editor (introduced with Pano2VR 6.1)
– added: node hotspot preview images, 3 different types: VR sphere, square preview image and skin preview image
– added: support for hotspots linking to regular and panoramic YouTube videos (experimental)
– added: support for certain Rich Text tags in hotspot titles and descriptions (color, size, bold, italic etc.)
– added: configurable gaze timer
– added: scroll buttons on info/description panels of info hotspots if the text is too large
– added: hotspots linking to images and videos now show an description panel below the image/video if a description is set
– added for Remote: improved automatic connection to an active VR Tourviewer device
– added for Remote: improved interface for choosing a VR device to connect to
– added: video poster images are now supported
– added: control if a hotspot should be shown in the tour menu
– added: control if a hotspot should be hidden in VR Tourviewer
– added: control if a hotspot title is always shown or is always hidden, regardless of hovering over it or not
– added: ability to add a hotspot to open the in-tour menu, or go back to the tour gallery
– added: support for Hungarian characters
– fixed: correct playback speed of panorama videos in Windows (Remote & Rift)
– fixed: automatic sizing of info hotspot description panel
– fixed: polygonal URL hotspots can now also link to another tour
– fixed: show first frame of video for videos that do not automatically start
– fixed: for overlay images and videos popout normal and popout 100% has been improved
– fixed: polygonal hotspots now allow clicking through to activate an overlay image or video below
– fixed: overlay images were rotated incorrectly when rotation around the Z-axis was used
– fixed: background audio playback issues
– fixed for Rift: too slow playback of 360 panorama videos

1.1 Build 248 (2019-08-21 – Quest version only)
– fixed: orientation issue, camera could look in wrong direction when entering a panorama
– fixed: improved handling of left and right Oculus Touch controller, use trigger to switch controlling hand

1.1 Build 244 (2019-06-21)
– fixed: issue causing the Default View of a panorama to be ignored

1.1 Build 243 (2019-06-20)
– added: supports Oculus Quest
– added: support for Oculus Touch controllers
– added: swipe controller touchpad (or thumbstick on Oculus Touch) to rotate camera
– added: info hotspot with ‘_hover’ in ID only shows title on hover
– added: timer for automatic activation of a hotspot
– added: for Rift and Remote (Win/MacOS): choose storage folder
– added: support for polygonal URL hotspots that link to an image or video
– added: Remote can now also be used on Android TV devices
– fixed: VR keyboard not showing Shift/Caps characters
– fixed: arrow/polygonal hotspots with title > 200 characters didn’t work
– fixed: correct display of non-Latin characters in the in-tour menu dialog
– fixed: directional audio for video overlays
– fixed: removed black/white screen right before video panorama plays
– fixed: video overlay play/pause not responding after playing URL video
– fixed: z-index issue with popup overlay images
– fixed: better synchronization of audio and video playing on Remote
– fixed: tour previews and Settings menu could show at the same time
– fixed: Rift doesn’t show a black screen any more when headset is not used
– fixed: Rift could not retrieve a license in some cases

1.0 Build 227 (2019-02-05)
– fixed: playback issue with monoscopic 360 videos

1.0 Build 226 (2019-02-02)
– added: option to always show/hide hotspot title
– fixed: stereoscopic 360 video display
– fixed: minor issues

1.0 Build 225 (2019-01-16)
– added: support for links to other tours (online and storage!)
– added: option to show tour dialog using back button
– added: option to customize the Remote waiting screen
– fixed: connection issue with Remote when VR device returns from standby mode
– fixed: a few minor issues

1.0 Build 222 (2019-01-04)
– added: choose which menu item to show when starting the app (licensed only)
– added: Guest Mode setting: you can now limit the visible tours to Favorites only (licensed only)
– added: Guest Mode setting: disable editing/adding/removing tours and hide the settings button (licensed only)
– added: support for links to pdf files
– added: you can now add flying butterflies to your panorama
– added: hidden image overlay can be made visible when focus or laser pointer hovers over it
– added: ability to show node hotspots as 3d arrows
– added: ability to mark already visited panoramas
– added: description textbox for info hotspots (hotspots without a link)
– added: mini icons to hotspots to recognize audio, image, video and info hotspots
– added: hotspots for sound with play/pause function (automatic for sounds that are not set to autoplay)
– changed: hotspots are now slightly pulsating to make them stand out better, easier to recognize
– fixed: video support, direct links to mp4 files will now play correctly
– fixed: direct links to mp3 files supported, adds play/pause hotspot
– fixed: some directional and surround audio issues
– fixed: background audio, will now play uninterrupted between panoramas
– fixed: connections issues with VR Tourviewer Remote after running for a long time
– fixed: MP3 now also supported on Remote for Windows
– fixed: minor bugfixes, compatibility issue with Pano2VR 6.0

0.5 Build 195
– Oculus Go now runs in 72Hz mode, instead of 60Hz! Smoother display!
– added ‘Guest/Gaze Mode’: this hides the controller and uses a gaze timer to activate buttons/hotspots (Licensed version only)
– added option to add a ‘Menu hotspot’ at the nadir of each panorama, this shows the Tour Menu (Licensed version only)
– online tours can now be added using the menu button in the tour gallery
– improved ‘Tour Menu’ (triple click on background of a panorama to open it)
– renamed ‘Viewed’ to ‘Online’ and rearranged the menu items
– added Scandinavian and Polish characters
– fixed compatibility issue with Pano2VR 6.0 beta 4 polygonal hotspots

0.5 Build 184
– updated to Unity 2018.2
– fixed click issues with Gear VR touchpad
– fixed error when quitting the app

0.5 Build 182
– added polygonal hotspots
– fixed video overlay aspect ratio issues
– fixed video overlay play/pause issues

0.5 Build 180
– added pagination to allow more than 9 tours for each menu section

0.5 Build 178
– Remote: fixed issue when connected to network without internet connection

0.5 Build 171
– Remote: added search option to find VR devices automatically

0.5 Build 165
– added support for Gear VR controller as laser pointer for navigation
– fixed orientation when using North with ‘Forward’ and ‘Backward’ hotspots
– added ‘Paste’ button when adding an URL to a tour XML file
– improved indexing speed of locally stored tours
– you can temporarily disable a locally stored tour by adding # in front of the foldername
– several bugfixes and performance improvements

0.5 Build 136
– improved connection with VR Tourviewer Remote

0.5 Build 135
– fixed back button behavior to switch between tour and menu

0.5 Build 134
– fixed performance drop/stall of version 133

0.5 Build 133
– upgraded to Unity 2017.3.1p4

0.5 Build 125
– fixed leveling pitch and roll corrections for Pano2VR panoramas

0.5 Build 124
– added support for 360° equirectangular videos!
– fixed issues with video Click Mode behavior, looping and autostart
– added support for custom tour title/subtitle for tours stored on device
– added ‘triple click’ on the Gear VR touchpad for a ‘Restart Tour’ dialogbox

0.5 Build 118
– added basic support for krpano VR tours (krpano 1.19 with VR-OPT applet)
– added support for directly linking to other xml files (for tours with Pano2VR Standard version)

0.5 Build 114
– fixed issue when VR Tourviewer Remote for Windows wasn’t run as Administrator

0.5 Build 113
– added settings dialog for VR Tourviewer Remote for Windows (press Esc to open dialog to set phone IP)

0.5 Build 111
– fixed issue with Chinese, Cyrillic , Japanese and Korean characters

0.5 Build 110
– added support for Oculus Rift Touch and Oculus/Gear VR Remote ‘click’ and ‘back’ buttons

0.5 Build 109
– fixed transparancy for PNG overlay images

0.5 Build 108
– fixed low performance/low FPS due to multiple graphic raycasters,

0.5 Build 105
– added full version for purchased Remote only

0.5 Build 104
– added support for Cyrillic characters
– minor bugfixes

0.5 Build 101
– updated to Unity 5.6.1p3
– temporary fix to handle missing shortcuts/placeholders for position
– added support for Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters
– fixed connection issue with Remote VR Tourviewer

0.4 Build 95
– minor bugfixes

0.4 Build 94
– fixed connection issues with VR Tourviewer Remote for Windows

0.4 Build 92
– fixed panorama initial view angle when set via hotspot
– fixed surround audio bug

0.4 Build 90
– optimized loading of images, now loading 2 to 5 times faster

0.4 Build 89
– upgrade to Unity 5.6
– fixed: single panorama without <tour> tag in the XML file didn’t load
– fixed: manually added tours didn’t play if they didn’t point to an XML file directly

0.3 Build 88
– several optimizations

0.3 Build 86
– added XML file error handling

0.2 Build 78
– added wireless connection with VR Remote Tourviewer for Windows as high quality external display!
– added support for overlay images and video, like in this example:
– added support for hotspot popup images, videos and text
– added 3D scenery effects: snow, rain and leaves, to use this, add a Userdata tag in Pano2VR: effect=snow / effect=rain / effect=leaves
– added support for surround audio
– support normal webaddress as url instead of path to xml file, the index.html will be scanned for the needed xml file
– added launcher icon and updated splash screen
– numerous bugfixes

0.2 Build 53
– added support for multires tours

0.2 Build 49
– added: VR keyboard, use the + sign in menu to add your own online tours, added tours are stored in ‘Viewed’
– added: functionality to add/remove favorites and viewed tours
– added: show reason when tour from storage is found but can’t load

0.2 Build 46
– app should now be using the right path for external SD card on S7/S7 Edge. Tours can then be stored on the external SD card in: Android/data/com.vrtourviewer.vrtourviewer/files/VRTourviewer
This folder should exist after running build 46 at least once, and should contain the file ‘log.txt’. Feel free to use subfolders to organize tours.

0.2 Build 45
– several bugfixes
– better debug messages for storage location determination on S7/S7 Edge
– application errors are collected with Loggly (external logging service) for more efficient bughunting

0.2 Build 42
– fixed menu handling when offline

0.2 Build 41
– fixed wrong rotation on right eye panorama
– added logging and changed detection for sdcard location – hopefully this gives the app the right path to the external sd-card on a Galaxy S7/S7 Edge. I don’t have an S7 here, so haven’t been able to test it yet. Please let me know if it works.

0.2 Build 40
– complete redesign of menu system
– added ‘Favorite’ tours, this now only shows your own url that was available in the previous versions of the app
– added ‘Featured’ tours
– added ‘Storage’ tours, indexing up to 9 tours from a folder ‘VRTourviewer’ on the sdcard
– added debug log in menu, click the logo at the bottom to show/hide log
– code optimization and added error handling

0.1 Build 30
– fixed: problem when hotspot linked to something else than a panorama node, such a hotspot is now ignored until the other types of hotspots are supported

0.1 Build 29
– fixed: for monoscopic panorama’s the images were positioned wrong, making it hard to focus on the image

0.1 Build 27
– added: support for monoscopic tours
– added: supports a single local tour in a folder ‘VRTourviewer’ (case sensitive) on sdcard. Needs a pano.xml file in the root of that folder
– changed: menu layout
– changed: some code optimization
– changed: detection of a stereoscopic tour is now based on a ‘stereo’ tag in User Data in Pano2VR before outputting
– fixed: sometimes hotspots were unresponsive
– fixed: some code optimization