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Supported features (Pano2VR)

Supported features of Pano2VR tours:

  • monoscopic and stereoscopic (single and dual node) image panoramas
  • single resolution and multi-resolution panoramas
  • mono and stereoscopic 360 video panoramas (up to 4K)
  • hotspot and polygonal hotspot navigation, 3d arrow hotspots
  • custom hotspot hotspot images
  • node hotspot preview images: VR sphere, preview cube face image or skin preview image
  • basic lens flares
  • info hotspots with scrollable panel, support for Rich Text tags
  • audio (MP3 and OGG): background, static, surround and directional audio
  • image (JPG and PNG) overlays and direct links, PNG supports transparency
  • video (MP4) overlays and direct links, video poster images
  • links to regular and panoramic YouTube videos (experimental)
  • links to other tours (online and offline)
  • links to web pages (version 1.3.415 and later)

Additional features:

There are some limitations, the following items are not yet supported:

  • Skin elements (custom hotspots/buttons/menus), SVG images, scripts, maps, galleries, animation, transitions
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