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Supported features (krPano)

Only very basic support for krPano tours is available at the moment:

  • monoscopic and stereoscopic image, single resolution panoramas
  • navigation only with 'linkedscene' hotspots

Not supported:

  • Flash, UI elements, scripts, maps, galleries, animation, transitions,
  • info, audio, image and video overlays

If you want to make the most out of your VR Tourviewer experience, it's recommended to use Pano2VR Pro. You can find the supported features here.


An example of a stereoscopic file that can be handled can be found here:
with the following XML file:

The following XML structure/content is expected by VR Tourviewer:

<krpano onstart="loadscene(stereopano1);">
  <scene name="stereopano1">
    <view hlookat="110" vlookat="10"/>
    <preview url="panos/pano1_mono/preview.jpg"/>
    <image stereo="true" stereolabels="l|r" prealign="0|220|0">
      <cube url="panos/pano1_stereo_%t/pano_%s.jpg"/>
    <hotspot name="spot1" style="" onclick="loadscene(stereopano2);"/>
  <scene name="stereopano2">
    <preview url="panos/pano2_mono/preview.jpg"/>
    <image stereo="true" stereolabels="l|r" prealign="0|25|0">
      <cube url="panos/pano2_stereo_%t/pano_%s.jpg"/>
    <hotspot name="spot2" style="" onclick="loadscene(stereopano1);"/>

For the onstart and onclick attributes "loadscene(scenename);" is expected
The image attributes 'stereo' and 'stereolabels' are optional and only needed for a stereoscopic tour. The tour has to be single resolution and use the 'cube' image type.

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