Install VR Tourviewer on a Pico VR headset (Beta)

VR Tourviewer will soon be available for the Pico range of VR headsets!

If you’d like to test the beta version of VR Tourviewer with your Pico headset you can download it here: VR Tourviewer for Pico (Beta)

Note that this is a Beta version so please report any issues you encounter, feedback is much appreciated!
The VR Tourviewer Remote doesn’t work with the Pico headsets yet.

Activate Developer Mode

Recent Pico headsets will already have Developer Mode activated, if that’s the case you can skip step 2 below.
1.From the home menu in the taskbar, choose Settings (Cog wheel icon, next to the clock) > More > System > About Device.
2.Click eight times on PUI Version. You are a developer now!
3.Navigate back to ‘System’ (Settings  > More > System), you now should be able to see ‘{ } Developer options’, select it.
4.Scroll down to the section ‘Debugging’ and turn on USB debugging.

How to install VR TOURVIEWER

A.Turn on the developer mode. (see explanation above).
B.Connect the computer with the Pico G2 4K through the USB cable.
C.Make sure USB debugging is on (see section “developer mode”)
D.Navigate to Pico G2 4K headset through windows file explorer.
E.Copy the VR Tourviewer for Pico APK to the Internal storage.
F.Go to the File manager in the headset.
G.At the top of the screen it will say ‘videos, images , APKs’. Select APKs
H.Select the VR Tourviewer for Pico APK to install it. Once ready you can start/open your application.
I.After installation, the application should be accessible on the right side of the home menu.