How to export a tour with Pano2VR for VR Tourviewer?

VR Tourviewer can display any tour with HTML5 output from Pano2VR.
But for optimal viewing in VR Tourviewer, you can use the following settings, where a width and height of 1536 or 2048 pixels is recommended, both for single resolution and multi resolution output. There’s a small improvement in visual quality when using 2048 pixels, but 1536 provides almost 40% faster loading.

For efficient use of storage space and a much shorter time to transfer files to your VR device, it’s recommended to use ‘Single Res’ output. This creates only 6 images per panorama (or 12 for stereo) and copies MUCH faster to your VR device than a ‘Multi Res’ tour, which can contain thousands of files and includes resolutions that won’t be used by VR Tourviewer. When copying your tour, this can be a difference of 30 seconds versus over an hour to copy a simple tour.

  • Use output to HTML5. If you want to keep your current tour output settings, you can add a second HTML output and keep separate settings for web output and VR output.
  • For Single resolution output (recommended): In HTML Output ‘Image’ use ‘Single Res’, for optimal results use a Cube Face Size of 1536 or 2048px (first image below).
  • For Multi resolution output: In HTML Output ‘Image’ use ‘Multi Res’, always use a tile size of 510, and make sure there is a level with width of 1536 or 2048px (second image below).
  • If you have a stereoscopic tour, in Pano2VR add a Tag called ‘stereo’ in User Data in at least one panorama (best practice to use the 1st panorama for this). VR Tourviewer needs this tag to display the tour in stereo (third image below). Note that to be able to export a stereo tour you need Pano2VR Pro.
  • Generate output for your tour (by clicking the gear icon, or ALT-click to generate all outputs).
  • Then you can copy the entire content of the output folder to your phone (Cardboard & Gear VR), Oculus Go/Quest or Rift storage folder.
Output settings for Single resolution

Pano2VR Single Res
Output settings for Multi resolution

Pano2VR Multi Res
Add stereo tag for stereoscopic tours

Note: the following features aren’t implemented (yet): skins, auto rotation (would cause instant nausea), auto change, transitions (nausea alarm too), context menu, control, preview. Please keep these limitations in mind when creating/generating the output for VR Tourviewer.