Where do I find the serial number for my Oculus Go?

The device serial number is needed if you want to purchase a licensed version (without watermarks) of VR Tourviewer or Remote, or for activation of a white label version on a Oculus Go device.

You can find the serial number in the VR Tourviewer app, by clicking on the settings menu ≡ icon.

Or you can find it on your headset:

  1. On the left side of your headset, find the strap arm underneath the adjustable strap.
  2. Carefully loosen and lift the strap to expose the strap arm.
  3. Find the 14-digit serial number written on the bottom left portion of the strap arm.

Note that serial number on the packaging is not the same as the serial number on the device itself. You’ll need the serial number on the device.