Kiosk mode

With VR Tourviewer you can enable ‘Guest mode’ in the VR Tourviewer settings, which allows you to use VR Tourviewer on an Oculus Go, Gear VR or Rift device without controller. It uses ‘gaze mode’ where a user can stare/gaze at a hotspot for 2 seconds to activate it.

But if you need a real ‘kiosk mode’ to be able to use a headset for public use, in an exposition for example: you can consider using the ‘Oculus Go Kiosk Mode’ software. It allows you to automatically start the app of your choice when the device starts, and doesn’t require the user to hold a controller button to activate the headset. You can test if it suits your needs with a free version.

You can find it here:

Note that VR Tourviewer / 3DV is not affiliated with tweaklab and doesn’t offer support for using this software. Use it on your own risk.

Troubleshooting: if VR Tourviewer keeps quitting with a message ‘Entitlement check failed’ then you will need a modified version of VR Tourviewer, which skips the Oculus entitlement check. Contact us for more info.