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Change Remote waiting screen

You can now change the Remote waiting screen to a custom image.

Use a JPG image with an aspect ratio of 2x1 (for example 2048x1024) and filename 'remotescreen.jpg' (case sensitive) in the VRTourviewer folder of the Remote.

The default path is for this is:

For Windows: C:\Program Files\VR Tourviewer Remote\VR-Tourviewer-Remote_Data\VRTourviewer\
For Mac OS X: Users/YourName/VRTourviewer
For Android: connect with USB and goto ‘Phone’ > VRTourviewer

A template image can be downloaded here:

The image will be cropped to match the display aspect ratio, the safe frame will always be visible. The status text in the message area is grey (RGB 102,102,120).

After creating or modifying the remotescreen.jpg file make sure to restart the Remote viewer so the image is loaded.


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